Research Paper Help on Chicago City

Chicago City

There are various livable, lovable and exciting cities across United States I have been able to visit and experience. However, Chicago City stands out for various reasons. Foremost, it has a low borderline with regards to poverty conditions. The cost of housing in the city is affordable. More so, the housing conditions are high quality customized with pools, gyms, and tennis courts allowing residents to undertake extracurricular activities. Secondly, the city is well planned, clean, and safe. The streets are neither littered nor the alleys congested. Thus, the city provides a luxurious layout allowing people to walk freely without feeling insecure. The roads are wide and modernly designed increasing direct lighting and ventilation during long distance travels. The tallest buildings in North America are located in Chicago allowing socioeconomic activities to expand in the city. More so, the city has maintained a cultural appeal to the visitors due to presence of Field Museum, Adler Planetarium, Soldier Field, and the Art Institute among others.

However, my main reason for choosing Chicago is due to the beautiful beaches across the city. The Oak Street Beach is accessible to majority of city residents including visitors. People can swim across the crystal clear waters and have a similar feeling of the Bahamas. Consequently, the theater scene can be described as sizable allowing people to engage in leisure activities. The restaurants are also huge providing high quality, safe, clean, and healthy meals at affordable prices. The night life is also appealing as the crowds are fun loving, peaceful, and welcoming. Chicago is therefore the most welcoming, modest, clean, safe, and unpretentious city I have visited. It is culturally rich and civil while the residents are humble and loving. More so, the residents show much respect coupled with friendliness and lack of entitlement qualities I find appealing and honorable.