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Bank USA

Q1. What are the service management characteristics of the CSR job?

The customer service representative (CSR) job requires a person to be attentive to what the customers are inquiring about, to guarantee customers that their complaints would be handled appropriately. Excellent communication skills are essential to ensure that customers are satisfied with the reply that the CSR will give them. Knowledge of the company’s products is vital to assist the customers in case they encounter difficulty when using them. The CSR job requires a person to have the capacity to use a positive language that encourages the customers continue using the company’s services and assure them of positive results. Time management is paramount to avoid keeping customers waiting for long before getting their reply.

Q2. Define the mission statement and strategy of the Help Desk contact center. Why is the Help desk important? Who are its customers?

The Help Desk’s mission is to support trustees’ operation activities all over the world through answering questions from its employees. Operational excellence is the company’s priority. Internal customers make 98% of the company’s total enquiries; internal customers include branch managers, process managers, accountants, and stock traders. The Help Desk also connects other stakeholders, who include large estate owners and trust administrators, via internet or by calling from the Help desk directly. The Help Desk is important because it receives customers’ complaints which, in turn, enable the management to search for long-term solutions to customers’ grievances.

Q3. How would you handle the customer affected by the inaccurate stock price in the bank’s trust account system? Passive or pro-active approach? Justify your answer.

It is essential to assure the customers that their cases would be handled in the least time possible; they should not be kept waiting for a long time. The best way to handle a customer whose stock prices have been calculated incorrectly is to advise him/her to wait for an investigation, and after correcting the mistake, he/she should be assured that such mistake would never happen again. I would take a proactive approach, which involves rectifying the program and investing on a long-term solution, instead of acting when the customers report inefficiencies. Forecasting accuracy will enable the company to maximize its revenue, in addition to minimizing production cost.