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Apple Company

Address and/or Location of Company Headquarters: Apple Inc.1 Infinite Loop, Cupertino, California 95014-2083

Company’s Chief Executive Officer and Director:  Timothy Donald Cook

 Description of Company:  Apple Company usually designs, manufactures, and sells mobile communication gadgets, personal computers, and digital music players. In addition, the corporation also offers solutions in software and networking. Steve Jobs, together with Steve Wozniak and Ronald Wayne, started the company in 1976. The enterprise is the second biggest in the word, in terms of information technology, and the third largest mobile phone manufacturer in the world. Apple Company has numerous retail stores in fifteen countries. The company has assisted in creation of more than one million jobs in the US.

Number of Employees:  92,600 (2014 figure)

Company Hierarchy:  The top executive is Timothy Cook (CEO). Others in the second layer in the hierarchy include Jeffrey Williams (Senior Vice President – Operations); Luca Maestri (Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President); Kevin Lynch (Vice President – Technology); and Bruce Sewell (Secretary, Senior Vice President and General Counsel)

Company Mission: The Company’s mission statement is built on its exclusive products, which it claims are the best in the globe. Through professionalism, the company leads in digital music revolution and has reformed the mobile phone through iPhone and App Store to shape the future of mobile media, as well as computing devices through iPad.

Corporate Governance: Apple has succeeded in its operations through its competent management, lead by Steve Jobs, the former CEO and co-founder. Good corporate governance has assisted the company in accomplishing most of its plans, in addition to satisfying its shareholders. The company’s top-down structure of administration and communication has helped in organizing its employees effectively.

Employee Demographics: Apple’s global workforce incorporates 70% male while females are 30%. Majority of its workforces are white.

Other Pertinent Information: The collaborative approach in communication has made Apple to be deliberate in making decisions, and players claim that this may delay some activities. Although some people claim that the new structure is slow in implementation of ideas, it has been helpful for some departments, as decisions are made faster than before.


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