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Annotated Bibliography

Butzow, C. M., & Butzow, J. W. (2000). Science through children’s literature: An integrated approach. Libraries Unlimited.

In addition, the book by Butzow and Butzow (2000) is suitable in explaining the impacts of the integrated approach in studying science.  It offers a comprehensive explanation on how integrated studying is relevant to giving scientific instructions. The authors also present the need to use the children’s fictional literature that present appropriate frameworks for predicting useful activities for use by the teachers. For instance, it encourages on the use of classic book for children as a major concepts in integrated learning.  The material is accurate in explaining the standards of science required in the by the students. The wording and organization of the book is suited to young children promoting learning and studying among children.

Invernizzi, M., Templeton, S., & Johnston, F. (2000). Words their way: Word study for phonics, vocabulary, and spelling instruction. Upper Saddle River, NJ: Merrill.

The book by Invernizz, Templeton, and Johnston (2000) is relevant in supporting the initial development of the children. This supports the integration of two models of teaching and learning new words vocabulary and spelling concerns.  Based on the book, the children should be taught on how read the various vocabularies. This aligns with main goal of teaching social sciences, as teaching vocabulary enhances students learning and understanding. The presentation of the book is appropriate in meeting the needs of elementary school children. The key question is whether children understand the word phonics and vocabulary. As a result, the book is accurate in upholding the science standards among the children in the classrooms.

Linn, M. C., & Eylon, B. S. (2011). Science learning and instruction: Taking advantage of technology to promote knowledge integration. London, UK: Routledge.

 The article by Linn and Eylon (2011) is relevant in understanding the instructions of science.  In learning science, it is crucial in incorporate the integration of knowledge within the advantages of technology. The authors emphasizes that the ideas of science standards should be well integrated to promote learning. Also, the material insists on the need to use advanced technology in integrated learning.  This offers the most beneficial experience of learning science. The authors also provide that instructions must be designed in an appropriate manner to promote knowledge integration.

Nordine, J., Krajcik, J., & Fortus, D. (2011). Transforming energy instruction in middle school to support integrated understanding and future learning. Science Education, 95(4), 670-699.

The article by Nordine, Krajcik and Fortus (2011) is appropriate in explaining the nature of integrated understanding and future learning. It seeks to explain the synthesis of math and science standards in various novel situations. In order to promote effective learning, the schools are required to create concepts well placed to support new ideas. Integrated learning leads the formation of quality math and science standards that matches the requirements of the students.  The authors also discuss the nature of scientific ideas as discussed by the curriculum materials. The curriculum programs and materials are effective in supporting the development of learners. Therefore, the article is accurate in delivering instruction and energy to young children in the elementary levels.

Seidman, I. (2012). Interviewing as qualitative research: A guide for researchers in education and the social sciences. New York, NY: Teachers college press.

The book by Seidman (2012) is a relevant source in understand the correlation between the social sciences and math. It conducts a qualitative research analysis on the nature of social sciences. According to Seidman (2012), it is relevant in understanding the nature of education support present in the schools. For instance, parents are expected to provide adequate parent guidance and support to their children. This indicates that the children background will have strong influence in understanding and learning new ideas and information. It also comments on the benefits of the integrated studying as a major boost for children in schools.  The material is appropriate in getting relevant insights on the nature of education and social sciences.