Research Paper Help on an Argument


I recall when I argued effectively with my parents concerning moving away from home and renting near the school. It was on a Saturday evening while I had gone to hang out with my parents at an ordinary restaurant in a nearby town. I had decided to join them to some extent because I had no much schoolwork to do, to some extent because I greatly enjoy their company, and mostly because I wanted to argue about the issue with them. I said to them that I would like to stay away from home and live near the school so that I get to class on time and have enough concentration for my studies. I also told them that due to traffic jam, I rarely get to school on time from home. Just before they responded, I received a call from a friend, and I had to answer it. As I talked on the phone, I could see that my dad was not pleased with my idea and was boiling with botheration. My father and my stepmother were exchanging ideas on the matter and no sooner had I finished communicating with my friend than my father pounced on me. My father started by affirming that moving away from home could be expensive and that they would be greatly concerned about my welfare as well. He added that living outside home is not easy and that they would be left with lots of questions if it had to happen. I thought that my stepmother would support my decision but this was not the case. She affirmed that she was equally concerned about my well-being and that she was worried about my idea of moving away from home since there was a possibility of many evils happening to me there than while staying at home. Among other things, my stepmother mentioned the likelihood of negative influence by peers. As much as my parents tried to convince me to change the idea, I stuck to my decision. I tried to convince them with openness and honesty concerning my motivations of staying away from home. My speaking understandably and confidently about the decision not only made my winning the argument easy, but it also illustrated how much I had mulled over the situation. After finding that my argument was sensible, my parents gave in and decided to advise me on how I could successfully manage life away from home. My father told me to choose a reasonable location since they will require visiting me and knowing concerning it. He told me that a place could appear nice, but I have to acquire as much information as possible from the residents. My stepmother then added that I should find out all that is possible concerning my roommates, if I choose to have any. She told me to ensure that I know enough regarding my roommates’ lifestyle and monetary position to see whether I could like it. Moreover, my stepmother told me to think concerning the lifestyle I plan to lead as they would like me to be healthy and cheerful. Finally, my stepmother said that though it could sound insignificant, I ought to think about diet, tidiness, and personal health among other things. Considering their feelings, I knew that although my parents had given in to my decision, they will be sad and concerned to see me leave home. To show that I care concerning their feelings I told them that I love them and I will make sure that I come home as frequently as it will be possible.