The foundation fact of Genesis is that God had already created the universe, but the universe did not have any existence. God initiated the shaping of heaven and earth to give the universe shape and existence. Through His words, God commanded light to appear to separate days and nights. This happened in the first day of  God’s work of creation. In the second day, God made a dome to separate heaven and water, which He renamed as the sky. God commanded the water to remain on one side and the land to form on the other side. The land was named earth while the water became seas and oceans. As He concluded the third day, God commanded plants to grow on top of the land while the sky provided rain for growing vegetations.[1]

Although God had separated light from the darkness during the first day of creation, He did not enable them to marks days and nights. Hence, in the fourth day, He made light come from the sun while the nights to be marked by stars and moon.[2] When the sun goes down in the evening, the night would come, and the stars would become visible. By counting the number of days and nights, one would get the number of years, seasons, and festivals. Thus, it became easier to keep time through counting days and nights.

Good looked at the Earth and found that it was so boring without living things. He opted to fill it with different kinds of animals and birds. He created some animals that could be tamed while others were meant to survive in the grasslands and forests. Each animal made its own sound, which other animals of the same species could understand. There were scavengers, predators, herbivores, and insects, and all were living together. God also created all kinds of sea animals and fish to dwell in the oceans and seas. He commanded all animals that dwelled in the waters to reproduce, and the birds to fill the sky with offspring that could make noise in the morning. This was the fifth day of creation, and God was quite amused with what He had created.

In the sixth day, God decided to create man in His own likeness to be in charge of what He had already created. Man became the center stage of God’s creation because he was quite different from other creations.[3] He then realized that in every type of animal, there was a male and female. This prompted Him to create a woman to be man’s helper. In this case, man would be able to procreate and fill the earth, just like other animals.

Man was given the responsibility of supervising the earth and all creatures that God created due to his intellect. He interacted with animals in a sin-free environment without quarreling or fearing each other.[4] Man was allowed to eat fruits and vegetables, as well as all types of grains while animals were supposed to feed on grass and other green plants. God provided all these foods during His creation.

After creating human beings, God observed everything that He had placed on Earth after six days, and He was quite satisfied. For six days, God had finished reshaping the universe. On the seventh day, God opted to rest. He blessed the day and made it the Sabbath day, when human beings would be remembering when God finished His creation.[5] He expected man and woman to respect Him by resting on the seventh day. 


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[1] The plants were commanded to bear fruits and seeds to enhance their production

[2] The light had to come from the sun that hanged on the sky while the moon and stars illuminated the night to reduce darkness.

[3] John B. Daniels, The Wonder of God’s Love: Bible Teachings and Stories. (Bloomington, IN: Xlibris Corporation, 2011), 94.

[4] This was God’s initial plan to human beings, before the devil came to deceive them.

[5] God decided to rest on the seventh day and made it special when all human beings would also rest and appreciate God’s work through worshipping Him.