Qualitative and quantitative data collection methods in Writing a Research Paper

Writing a Research Paper

The success of writing a research paper is largely based on the data collection and data analysis methods that you employ in your research assignment. it is argued that it is the methodology chapter that validates the credibility of every research assignment. For every research assignment, therefore, you must be careful to choose the most suitable data collection method for the specific assignment.

One of the factors that you should consider when selecting a method for data collection is the nature of your research. You could have research with a qualitative nature or quantitative nature, which means that the research project will focus on different aspects. That you must use the most suitable method to get accurate results when writing a research paper is not an option as inaccuracies invalidate your research.

Quantitative data collection methods

The quantitative research method derives its findings from sampling randomly and data collection instruments that are structured to give responses categorized prior to the research activity.

The common methods of data collection for quantitative researches are:

1)     Observation and recording

2)     Experimentation

3)     Administering interviews or surveys with close-ended questions

4)     Getting data from information management systems

Qualitative data collection methods

As opposed to quantitative research that has predetermined responses, qualitative research gives the respondent an opportunity to give a personalized opinions or perceptions on a topic. Qualitative research methods bear the following characteristics:

  • Are less structured and open-ended
  • The credibility of research findings is increased through triangulation
  • They rely heavily on interactive interviews
  • Does not generalize results, instead, different studies or cases are used to make generalizations in different patterns

The common methods used when writing a research paper are: observation

1)     Review of documents

2)     Comprehensive interviews

Writing a research paper using qualitative methods takes more time than quantitative research, which requires respondents to answer structured questions.