Sample Essay Assignment on Public Speech Writing

Public Speech

Public speaking has always been a daunting challenge for me. I have had the tendency of being nervous when giving my speeches. Before giving speeches, I would take some time to prepare and organize my public speech. However, I would end up replicating the same errors. Despite this, the content of my speeches is always good and to the point. Throughout these classes, my goal has always been getting over this problem. This course has given me the much-needed skills that have helped me to improve my speeches. I have gained much knowledge, which has increased my confidence when giving speeches. I have acquired the technique and skills in all aspects of public speech making, from preparation stage to delivery.

Speech preparation is one area I have improved in immensely through attending this course. Having a properly prepared speech makes one relaxed. Before giving out any speech, it is good to understand the audience. Understanding the speaking environment helps you to eliminate the problem of stage fright and the speech anxiety. Having adequate knowledge about your audience makes you relaxed during speech delivery. Analyzing the audience properly helps one to deliver accurate speech to the correct audience.

In order to understand my addressees properly, I start by knowing who my audience are, especially their number. The other thing I have to understand, their knowledge of the given subject and their interest. Understanding the composition of my audience in terms of their education background, age, or sex is very cruel to me when preparing my speech. This helps me to know exactly how to deliver my public speech and where to position myself. These have helped me to deal with the problem of anxiety, as well as stage fright.

Selecting a topic is a very frustrating in speech making. For a speech to be delivered successfully, the topic, as well as the core message must be carefully selected. This is because the subject determines whether the audience will have an interest in your speech or not. This course has taught me some basic purposes of speeches including educating, motivating and entertaining. These general objectives and concepts are very important to me when it comes to choosing the topic of my speech. This is because it influences many decisions, which I make as I prepare my speech.

I have learned how to be clear on my overall motive of my speeches. The subsequent thing comprises the core message. This is the essential idea of my presentation. I have learned how to make my core message clear while making a speech. My passion and knowledge about the core message are the basic things I have gained the ability to consider when choosing the message. I have also learned to relate my message to the type of audience I expect. The needs of my audience should be addressed by the message I present in my public speech. Throughout this course, I have gained enough skills essential in public speaking. I am able to understand the differences between speaking in the public and talking.

This course has also helped me in learning to listen to my audience while making my speech. Knowing them gives me a clear idea of what the audience expects. To achieve this, I have learned to always mingle with my audience, especially during the arrival time. Greeting them helps me in reducing the tension. It also gives me the chance to put smiles on their faces. Listening carefully, especially when they ask their questions helps me to answer them in a most informative way.

As far as speech making goes, I always consider myself well equipped in developing my speech. Once I settle on a given topic, I use the skills I have learned in this class to gather required materials to support my work. The information I collect helps me in developing the body of my public speech. It also helps to substantiate all the claims I make while giving my speech. To attract the attention of my listeners, I always make my research in order to understand what my audience would expect. Researching helps me to support my ideas. I also find it easier organizing the body of my speech. I am able to apply the skills learned in this class to obtain credible sources. The skills have also helped me to keep my research organized.

I still experience problems during my speech presentation in some areas. Even though this course has equipped me with enough skills on how to understand my audience, starting my speeches is still a big challenge. I am not able to get the attention of my audience from the beginning of my public speech. Most of the times I get my ideas well organized during the process of presenting. However, with more experience in speech presentation, I hope to solve this problem in future.

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