Public Relations Consultancy Services: External Communication

Public Relations Consultancy Services: External Communication


PikMobile application creators have termed it the latest and the best social media networking application, which would enable its users to upload one or more photos so that they can share their stories with others through the uploaded photos. It is understood that the main idea beyond the creation of PikMobile is to solve the frustrations instagram users go through, for example, the inability to post multiple photos at once. Unlike facebook, PikMobile is created to ensure that none of the posted photos is invisible in the stream.

The application creators, Scott and Renee Relf therefore decided to create an application, which would allow the users to post as many photos as they want, arrange photos in the desired order and tell their stories through the photos. The application also enables its users to post photos simultaneously to facebook and twitter. The application is centrally based on social-media. Scott and Renee solicited the expertise of Jamin Myers in order to come up with the application. Jamin did the application development while the other two provided the idea. Although the application still runs on beta model, there are plans to have it on iOS platforms as early as June 1 and then later on to have its android version available in the market.

Situation Analysis

Our company, XY consultancy, would propose to carry out consultancy services for PikMobile in the area of communication. The consultancy service would aim at providing consultancy services to the company on how to have effective external communication with outsiders. It is a fact that the information of any company is a very valuable asset to the company. The competitors stated above, instagram, facebook and twitter, might try to find ways of assessing very valuable information of PikMobile. This information may be use by the competitors to get more clients and direct their development and marketing efforts. Others like the clients or potential clients may need information in order to guide them on making their decisions regarding the company. Potential investors may also use the information in order to conclude on the net worth of the business.

If the information is not guided and well managed, the PikMobile may find itself in a tight legal, financial, and competitive risk that it may not survive. This can make the company to lose its clients or even face some legal obligations. Leakage of some information to the outsiders can also compromise on the company’s competitive advantage and future plans. In the security exchange, PikMobile may find its stocks valued inaccurately and this can result in unfair losses and profits, depending on the nature of the inaccuracy. PikMobile should realize that its employees need to understand the importance of keeping the company information secret; it should also be guided on how to choose a company’s spokesperson who will communicate to the outsiders on behalf of the company without exposing PikMobile’s information to the public.

SWOT Analysis

Under this heading, our company would outline some of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats that external communication present to PikMobile. The strength and weakness would mostly affect the company internally, while threats and opportunities would affect the company’s relationship with the outside business environment.


Effective external communication has a proven record of incorporation innovations to a company. It also improves on the general performance in the company as training of staff on the benefits of safe-guiding the company’s information instill a sense of belonging in them. An effective external communication strategy would help PikMobile to have strong points, which can influence decisions of the policy makers and other players in the industry.


The PikMobile may view the service as an expensive venture, which would increases expenses on the small company. Implementation of the service may require training of the top management and the staff and this may cause expenses to the XY consulting firm.


The threats that PikMobile is likely to face include clients’ resistance if they do not implement an effective external strategy. Some clients may be lost to the competing companies and the company may find itself in constant court tussles, which do not end. These court cases consume a lot of the company’s time.


Implementing effective communication would open doors to well-intentioned outsiders like clients and investors into the company. PikMobile would be able to influence policy makers and have huge impact on the industry with an effective strategy in place. Shareholders would continue to reap profits and clients reap value of their money.


This campaign document seeks to reach active stakeholders, who in this case are creators of the PikMobile application. It also seeks to reach out to the latent stakeholders, who are mainly the public relation personnel at PikMobile. The public relation personnel are included because they are in the position to contribute towards PikMobile’s effective communication with the outsiders. The official advisor to the application creators would also be reached out to so that they can get to have insight of what they campaign is all about.

Campaign Goals and Objectives

The consultancy services would aim at ensuring facilitating cooperation and corporation between PikMobile and other stakeholders that influence its business operations. The service would ensure that there is constant flow of information from the stakeholders to PikMobile. It is the objective of the services to ensure that information from PikMobile to various outsiders, for example, employee unions, suppliers, investors and clients enhance the credibility of the company and promote various projects undertaken by the company.


The XY consultancy would present PikMobile with this campaign document through hand delivery and emails. The document would be provided to the owners of the business, public relation personnel, and the company’s chief advisor. A call would also be made to both the public relation personnel and the chief advisor.

Communication Theme

This would emphasize on the benefit of having effective external communication. It should also point out that an established and respected company like the XY consultancy is the best agency to offer consultancy services in this sector


Facilitate and promote corporation between PikMobile and all the stakeholders. Advise on and create channels, which promote smooth communication between the PikMobile and stakeholders. It would also go through all the communication processes to ensure that PikMobile’s credibility is upheld

Post Campaign Evaluation Methods

XY would establish a relationship with the public relation department personnel so that it gets the latest developments concerning the campaign.


Media Release

XY consultancy partners with clients to ensure successful strategies in communication. XY consultancy uses social media, digital and contemporary channels to engage, achieve business goals and objectives, while enhancing company performance. At XY, we work together with our clients to achieve communication excellence for our clients.

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