Public Administration Essay Paper on Workers Layoff

Workers Layoff

In a case which demands critical decision making, like in the case of Ginger Waxman, an associate administrator at Dodge clinic, who was supposed to carry out a removal plan to reduce the management team by approximately 25%, it is necessary to have a clear procedure to follow, considering that all the people in the management team have unique capabilities that ensured a good progress of the clinic. They were competent employees with good experience and necessary skills needed by the clinic. Nevertheless, layoffs are necessary in order to ensure that the organisation move to another level of operating by reducing the costs of operation.

Being in a position to give advice to Ginger Waxman, I would give a view based of the important facts about the downsizing process, which puts the objectives and the goals of every organization at the center of its intensions. In making such critical decisions, she has to make sober decisions that are best for the clinic and try to leave out the individual feelings that can result from letting staffs go. It is important to consider the goals of an organisation, which should be aligned with personal goals of the employees. The employees should also be having good intensions for the company, even if it may require personal sacrifice. If for example, administrative staff makes a resolution on the importance of reducing the number of employees in order to increase the efficiency of an organization, just like the case in Dodge clinic, then such a decision should be valued and necessary steps should be taken to ensure progress of the organization. The best approach of working out downsizing plan, is first preparing the employees early in advance. Let the employees understand the need of the exercise and why it is the only way to ensure the organization does not result into inefficiency in its performance. However, alternative ways of reducing high expense in an organization can be improvised and let the worker continues with their normal duties because the process may also fail to meet organizational effectiveness and efficiency.

In a case where the leadership proceeds with act the of laying off of two key people and others who have made substantial contributions to the Dodge clinic during their tenure, appropriate measures must be put in place to ensure the clinic’s organizational culture stabilizes. Normally, after a layoff of some employees, it becomes a great challenge to manage a smaller team and also ensure the work that was done by the dismissed work force is covered. Actually, those left as a result of the exercise may portray some fear, uncertainty, discouragement, grief and sometimes mistrust which may result to disengagement in their normal responsibilities. After layoffs, the operations manager should arrange a sociable forum where all the worker are involved and explain to them the intensions of the organization in undertaking the process. Employees normally appreciates a proper communication and feel secure when involve in a dialog that entails critical measures taken by the organization. Proper communication serves to ease the tensions that might have been created in effecting the layoff strategy (Goudreau, 2009). It is also appropriate for the management to frequent the meetings, which are meant for reviewing organizations objectives and streamlining possible rumors, that normally destabilizes the working culture. Providing physical and psychological support to the employees is necessary to ensure cooperation in the organisation. Also, the operations manager should come up with a better package of appreciating and motivating the other employees and create a friendly culture within the organization.


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