Psychology Essay Paper on Cancer Patient’s Health and Spouse’s Mood

Cancer Patient’s Health and Spouse’s Mood

This article explains how the emotional health of a person who is mandated with the responsibilities of attending cancer patients can affect their general mental conditions. In many cases, cancer patients are taken care of by their close family members and their spouses for the married people. According to this article, cancer patients are likely to develop depressions if their spouses who take care of them experience depression symptoms. According to the article, people who have survived after contracting cancer and their spouses who attends them indicates symptoms of being free of physical or psychological disease have less chances of suffering from depression. This suggests that, quality spouse attention is highly beneficial to cancer survivors.

This article relates to the topics in psychology in that it tackles how the mental wellbeing is being affected by the behavior. Psychology topics explain the concepts of attention, Brain functioning, personal behavior, and interpersonal relationships among others, which have also, been covered in this article. The article highlighted that, spouses who are taking care of cancer survivors ought to consider themselves first, not only because of their own personal interest but, for the sake of survival patients responsibilities bestowed onto them. This shows how individual’s behaviors can affect mental well being of another bringing about the relationship between this article and psychology topics.

This article emphasizes on the chances that caretaker’s depression could be reflected on the cancer patient after eleventh month. For instance, it explains about a research published by cancer epidemiology journal, which found out that, in circumstances where spouses were reported to be depressed, there was almost four times the number of chances of cancer victims being depressed. The connection between human behavior and the mental functions resulting from interpersonal relationships is discussed herein, in relation to the concept of psychology.