Proposing A Solution Essay Paper on New Student Choose Their Major

New Student Choose Their Major


Many students change their major after two years in college, which costs them more money. This problem causes a lot of distress to the students, parent, as well as the school management. It is because of the fact that the endeavor requires extra money to change from one course to the other. It comes about as a result of misconception about the courses at the first instance. Therefore, student makes uninformed choices. They realize later that they are unable to major in the course they chose hence look for alternative courses that seems simple and executable to them.


 Most of the universities are aware of this problem but they seem not to have a lasting solution to it. The problem is not solved because the education system fails to identify strength and weaknesses of students long before they join tertiary institutions. Thus, the problem is cumulative in nature from the primary level through middle levels of education. The situation has deteriorated to an extent where student passing through tertiary institutions demonstrates lack of technical skills. Many employers complain about the level of professional skills taught in tertiary institutions since they find graduate unfit for professional jobs.

Reason for Concern

 The essay deals with possible solutions to the underlying problem of student changing their majors after spending quite some time studying. The reason as to why it raises concern is because time and money is spent on a program that a student fails to undertake up to the last minute. The solution is necessary to all parties concerned because it helps avoid wastage of money and time for a student. Student will have to be admitted for those courses they have the capacity to carry out to the end. There are several solutions for this problem. They include the restructuring of the education sector in the economy to be able to identify talents and strength of the students as early as possible. Another solution indicates that university or college should give new students more idea about their major before they get started for the course.

Alternative Courses of Actions

 The first option means that the education system has to be reevaluated in a manner that it incorporates programs that enables tutor and instructors to identify the best major option for a student. They have to recommend a particular course for a person that he or she should pursue in college or university. This will eliminate mistakes in terms of making unreasonable decisions driven by malice, persuasions by other people or peer pressure. In most cases, parents persuade their children into undertaking some of the courses because they feel it is the right option for their siblings. This may not work in the long run since an individual is less likely to become interested in the major hence they drop it along the way. Parents end up wasting a lot of money in the process while student use their precious time in unworthy business. After realizing their weakness in pursuing certain courses, they eventually change it with a minor course. By majoring in these minor courses student perform in a better way.

Orientation Programs

The second option stipulates that universities and other institution of higher learning improvise an orientation program that sensitize student on their majors requirements. New student should undergo through a rigorous exercise that promotes their understanding on major courses. At this juncture, these new members of the university will be free to make changes that they feel necessary to their career life. Making the right decision at the first time is critical to career development for a candidate and in a bigger picture the process is influential to every person’s life.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Restructuring the Program

The first advantage is that the new comers will have prior knowledge of the courses that suits their capabilities. They will not waste time looking for alternatives courses instead they will stick to their courses as soon as possible. Secondly, universities make maximum use of their time to execute their mandate of guiding students in their studies. Universities usually operates under a tight schedule, this implies that any adjustment into the program requires time and money an action that may affect other programs negatively. Thus, having prior knowledge facilitates smooth learning in these highly esteemed institutions.  However, it has some drawbacks, which include limited choices by the concerned parties. In the event this strategy is affected, parents and the concerned student will be limited in terms of freedom to make personal choices that excites them. This may have long-term effect on the side of students due to regrets for having not accomplished their goals in life. It is also a costly program that requires recruitment of more personnel’s to monitor student performance and behavior at a close range. Therefore, it is not the best solution to the underlying issue.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Good Orientation

Inherent knowledge is preferable for those individuals ready to engage in further studies. But in a situation where prior knowledge is lacking, good orientation serves the individuals well. Taking the concerned people through an orientation program increases their confidence into making the right decisions. This is followed by dedication and commitment an action that yields best results. Students are motivated internally by the desire to succeed and attain their objectives in life. There is plenty of freedom in making personal choices that suits one’s personal needs. The only disadvantage is the fact that a person may be influenced into choosing a course that he or she is less likely to register good success.


In conclusion, student performance is affected by cumulative results that are registered from previous exams or level of education. Student with a good record of excellence tend to do well in the curriculum and co-curriculum activities. This is true with poor performers who find difficulties in solving simple issues. It is therefore fundamental and important to equip student with necessary skills and competence early enough before they start pursuing a program. The number of students moving from one course to the other is deemed to reduce in case of prior knowledge of the issues and particulars in the new field they are just about to explore. Universities on the other hand should express their concern about the issue so that students are forewarned. In addition, it has to establish a system that caters for those individuals who struggle in identifying their personality especially their strength. Amid all these issues, lecturers and instructors are the custodians of a healthy learning environment. It infers that they are responsible for any failure in the course provided student acts accordingly. However, they are not solely accountable for the student failure in academics.