Project Writing: The Proposal Writing

Proposal Writing

Writing an excellent proposal for a project is not an option especially when funding from donors is required. Unfortunately, not very many know how to engage in winning proposal writing. The tips stated in this article are helpful in writing high quality research proposal.

a)     Brainstorm for ideas

Brainstorming in proposal writing helps one to understand a project better, and come up with different ideas on how to complete a project and get maximum results. If the project is unclear, it is advisable to discuss it with other parties for better understanding.

b)     Write a summary of the project

Brainstorming helps to generate ideas about a project, but summary helps to get clearer concept of the project.

c)      Break down the project

An entire project is difficult to understand and digest. Breaking down the project into manageable portions makes it easy for the reader to understand and internalize the concept.

d)     Write the plan for the project

In this section of proposal writing, give a timeline or a schedule that will be followed in writing the project such as data collection, data analysis, organizing the information collected etc. By the end of this section, it should be clearly stated how much time will be spent, and cost will be incurred in conducting research and writing the project.

e)      Give a guarantee

Project proposal writing is aimed at convincing the reader of viability of a project, and the ability of one to write a project. This section of the proposal should leave the reader with no doubt that the researcher has the capacity and is able to deliver accordingly.


A researcher should never conclude a project proposal without a call to action. In addition, proposals should reflect high level of writing and professionalism. More often than not, the quality of a project is judged by the quality of a proposal.