Sample Essay Assignment on Project Management

Project Management

It is one thing to start a project, and it is a different story to monitor a project in order to achieve the desired results. This article gives guidelines on how to manage projects effectively:

1)     Define the goals

Understand the objectives of the project are. It is also important to help all members concerned to understand the goals so they can work in the same direction. In project management, it is easier to work from the end to the beginning.

2)     Define the activities of the project

Each goal is accomplished through engaging in specific activities. This should be defined clearly in project writing.

3)     Know the resources required and their availability

Resources include time, money, people, machines, computers, software, and hardware, etc. failure to understand the resources available leads to either a project falling behind schedule, or going beyond the initial estimated budget.

4)     Know the risks involved and come up with mitigation plans

Project writing or every project has a certain degree of risk and uncertainty. It is the responsibility of the team to identify such risks and how to overcome them.

5)     Develop a schedule

The best way to manage a project is to break it into small manageable portions. A schedule also helps in dividing the tasks to different members making it easy to carry on. You can do this using chats. This is an important section in project writing that students find difficult to write.

6)     Executing the schedule

For this to work effectively, every member of the team needs to know his/her responsibility and be equipped with the necessary resources.

7)     Complete the project and assess the outcome

Assessment in project writing is guided by the goals or objectives of the project. Through assessment, you are able to determine the degree of success or failure. In fact, the findings are useful in executing another project in the future.