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Just like any other form or category of essay, the informal essay writing is expected to observe the essay writing rules, only that it takes a less formal approach compared to other types of essays. More often than not, writers assume that the informal essay should not be informative. That should not be the case; it should be geared towards sending or passing a certain message to the reader, only that it takes a relaxed tone. For instance, you can adopt contraction and slang in the informal essay as opposed to the formal.

Most of the assignments students do in school have a formal approach. As such, writing an informal essay becomes difficult to many students as they are used to formal writing. In this regard, you need not get frustrated with your assignments because at we provide professional informal essay writing help among other types of essays.

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Topics are very critical to the success of writing both formal and informal essays. When writing informal essays, informal essay topics can be based on a real entity or fiction, but they must have a thesis statement supported by solid evidence. In addition, the informal essay topics should be relevant, and interesting. Our professionals at will give you the adequate assistance that you need to select the most suitable topic for your paper.

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