Philosophy Essay Paper on Parent and Children

Parent and Children

  1. Gestational connection-The connection between biological mother and his or her intended parents (Pearson 202).
  2. Procreative liberty- This right and freedom by human being to bear children and take care of them (Pearson 203).
  3. Conventions- The rules that guides parents in taking good care of their child (Pearson 198).
  4. Ramification-The intervention by government in licensing parents by giving or denying them rights to parenting (McFall 215).
  5. Paternalism-It is the act of being in a position to execute the duties of a parent. This incorporate caring and protecting the child from any harm or aggressions (McFall 216).
  6. Alternatives- Child maltreatment is dealt with as an alternative cause of action. This kind of problem is solved economically by addressing the psychological and poverty issues pertaining to children (McFall 222).
  7. Autonomous child-Means that a child is in a position to think rationally and act in the right manner (Scales 230).
  8. Sentimental affection- Love that emanates from sensational feeling of care. It happens to a child towards the parents and vice verse (Scales 232).
  9. Biological happen stance. Inherent attraction between a parent and a child (Scales 235).

In Yvette Pearson writing, the theme of parenting and the question about right to parenthood is prevalent. Intention to own the right to parenting is inclined to the connection between the child and parent (Person 201). His work therefore is in agreement with scales work and Michael observations.

Parent licensing by Michael McFall explains that DNA test and biological connection is not a clear evidence of responsibility. Licensing a parent to take care of a child demands that the process be carried out in the right manner (McFall 222).

Stephen scales is mindful about child welfare in the community through the parenting mode. This determines the behavior attribute in a child (Scales 235).

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