PESTEL Analysis of Samsung Electronics Sample Essay

PESTEL Analysis of Samsung Electronics

Samsung is an international and highly presumed electronic company founded 1969 and its headquarters are found in South Korea. Its main competitors are Apple, LG, Sony and HTC and many other electronic companies. It has been growing on daily basis and its revenue has also been in tremendously. Despite Samsung having a market share of about 33.2% in the mobile industry, like any other company it also considers its macro-environments, opportunities and threats. In essence, looking at the PESTEL analysis of Samsung electronics helps catch up with the fast changing world and competitive market.

PESTEL analysis is one of the essential tools business strategic management that has made it easy for the company to identify its macro-environment for all its business operations. Here are the external environmental factors of Samsung’s operational strategy;

  • Political factors– In most of the markets that Samsung reaches, the political environment is favorable for its operation. Tensions between South Korea and North Korea made the company to consider the political stability and war threat while it trades region wise. Political instability and ever-changing governmental structures in Africa and Latin American countries impact Samsung’s operations. However, this is not a big issue for the company to worry about as it always puts political instability into its operational strategic calculations.
  • Economic factors– By opening up many markets in the developing countries, Samsung has been able to expand its global reach or footprint. However, global economic crisis have dented the purchase power of many clients in developed countries and this has push the company to look for new markets elsewhere. This has helped make up the lost business in most of the developed countries.
  • Socio-cultural factors– Samsung is a family owned multi-corporation and operates on the global platform as a Korean company. With the changing social trends, Samsung has growth with these changes and it has tailored its products to fit every culture in the world. Indeed, it has been forced to reorient to meet the socio-cultural electronic needs of every country.
  • Technological issues– Samsung is the leading and most innovative electronic products and services providers in the world. This means that Samsung is ahead of its competitors as it has the capabilities to harness the power of technology. It has been able to come up with topmost and unique products than its competitors. Despite legal scrutiny by the electronic and copyright institutions, the company has been able to produce great software and applications among other products.
  • Legal factors– Not many electronic companies are able to avoid heavy penalties of copyright issues. In the legal environment, Samsung faced strict wireless communication regulations and law or electronic device safety regulations among other regulations.
  • Environment factors– Satisfying the needs of the ethical fashionable consumers as been the inspiration behind Samsung’s great innovations. This means that it does not compromise the labor laws or its working conditions.

The above PESTEL analysis of Samsung electronics portrays that it is a company that it not just focused on making good profits, but also to satisfy clients’ needs and come up with high quality and unique products. It has been able to model itself in the global markets by being able to meet the needs of thousands with unique products. It policies have been efficient by sharing with suppliers and consumers to gather more ideas, programs, products and services.

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