Objectives of European Union

Objectives of European Union

The European Union, commonly known as EU began in 195. By the year 2007, the bloc had 25 member states of western European countries. During its formation in early 50s, barely five years after World War II, creators of the EU wanted to have a common market that would boost their economy. However, subsequent treaties saw the objectives of European Union expand to address other areas of human concern including Economic and Monetary Union that saw the adoption of the Euro as the bloc’s currency, Common Foreign and Security Policy and the department of Justice and Home Affairs.

The main objectives of the European Union

Over the years, the European Union has grown into a strong force in the world, sometimes shaping the agenda for other nations to follow. During this period, the Union has adjusted its objectives to address emerging issues among its member states and in the world at large. Its first objective was to promote economic and social progress. At the time of its birth, the EU was a vehicle for the region’s economic prosperity. The forces behind its launch wanted to promote economic growth and alleviate the leaving standards of the member states. To achieve this, they formed a single market in 1993 and a single currency in 1999. This was a milestone for the bloc as it broke barriers that hindered free trade among member countries.

Besides the region’s economic growth, other objectives of European Union include asserting its identity on the international front. The EU has emerged as a force to reckon on the international scene through its involvement in global issues that affect other people outside the bloc. For instance, it offers humanitarian assistance to non-EU members around the world. This is common when disasters and conflicts arise. With its common foreign and security policy, the EU has a major role to play on the international sphere in the manner in which it relates with other countries in the world. It also participates actively in various international organizations like the United Nations, World Bank, and International Monetary Fund, making it a major player in the global market.

Achievements of the European

The European has been around for more than 6 decades. Over these years, it has worked towards meeting its objectives and strengthening its influence in the world. A good example was the introduction of European citizenship. While this does not substitute the national citizenship for member states, it provides a wide range of civil and political rights to citizens.

Other objectives of European Union, which stamp its success is the creation of a free area, that allowed free movement of citizens. With the formation of a single market in 1993, the EU was ready to unify and build its story by addressing the economic situation of the bloc. As a free area, the EU allowed free mobility of people goods, services and capital as if it was a single country.

In addition, with the freedom stemming from EU citizenship, it became easier for people to cross borders without barriers and formalities. This created opportunities in different sectors. First was trade with unrestricted movement of goods across border. It also promoted tourism as people moved freely to spend holidays in various parts within the Euro Zone.

Objectives of European Union in promoting peace

Since its establishment, the EU remains a political community that promotes integration and common government of European countries and their people. As captured in Article 3 of the European Union Treaty, its primary aim is to foster peace, and the well being of its people at all times. Its values are freedom, democracy, respect for human rights and dignity, law enforcement and its equality.

The EU drew a wide range of lessons from previous world conflicts that took place on its soil, including the first and second world wars. One of these lessons was the need to promote regional peace and advance it beyond EU borders. To protect human rights, democracy and diplomacy, the EU developed a Common Foreign and Security Policy (CFSP). Thus, the objectives of European Union have had significant impact in cementing its achievements.

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