Nursing Sample Paper on Critical Reflection

Critical Reflection

Nurses play an active role in promoting and enhancing the principles of primary healthcare. By providing healthcare services to the afflicted populations, nurses improve their health, empower them, and provide them with opportunities to lead active and rewarding lifestyles. Specifically, they offer professional help and advice regarding self management to patients suffering from chronic diseases and monitor their progress. The educator roles that nurses assume aid in informing patients about different types of health problems. Such information enables communities to undertake effective preventive and management measures.

Also, nurses collaborate with governments, non profit making organizations, agents, and various professionals to deliver quality healthcare to patients. Naylor and Kurtzman (2010, p. 894), indicate that nurses participate actively in critical decision making and policy formulation. Thus, they influence the decisions that are made within this sector, and which have direct impacts on patients. Most importantly, they deliver important health programs to both individual patients and community groups. By involving these facets in health promotion, nursing practice promotes the principle of social inclusion.

From an individual point of view, primary healthcare is not universally accessible. Various communities in different regions lack access to quality and essential primary healthcare (McMurray & Clendon, 2011, p. 112). This explains why incidences of death from diseases, such as cholera, typhoid, and malaria continue to increase. Since these are preventable, current trends imply that affected communities lack this essential information. Demeaning cultural practices make it difficult for the poor and illiterate facets of the society to accept the practice. Coupled with corrupt government that implement and enforce defective policies, this contributes the derailing health conditions especially in low income nations. Finally, primary healthcare is not affordable to all individuals from across the globe.


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