Nursing Sample Essay on Environmental Health in my Community

Environmental Health in my Community

The Clean Air Act (CAA)

Clean Air Act (CAA) was drafted to regulate air emissions that are released from stationary, as well as mobile sources. The law necessitates EPA to set up National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS) in every state to safeguard public health, in addition to regulating emissions of harmful air pollutants (“Summary of Clean Air Act,” 2014). Section 112 of the CAA compels EPA to create emission standards, which set the maximum level of reduction in discharges of hazardous air pollutants.  The amendment of 1990 added the issuing of technology-based standards for stationary sources that release 10 tons of harmful air pollutants per year. EPA is required to assess standards to check the availability of residual risk and, if possible, revise the standards.

CAA is essential in my community, as it has the capacity to prevent major polluters from releasing too much toxic gases in the atmosphere, which can be harmful to people’s health. Exposure to harmful gases has increased admission in hospitals, as these gases cause damages to our lungs, heart, and the circulatory system. By setting the standards of emitting air pollutants, EPA can eliminate the presence of hazardous toxic materials in the atmosphere. People can enjoy fresh air, and less smog levels are recorded in major cities. By restricting power plants from releasing hazardous gases into the atmosphere, possibilities of experiencing acid rains and global warming are reduced.

I support CAA because it has seen the level of pollutants go down since its last amendment in 1990. The legislation has demonstrated government’s commitment in conserving the environment for this generation, as well as showing concern of the future generations. CAA is making people live longer and enjoy clean air in their localities. People can save the money that they spend in hospitals to do other things that make their lives better, including environmental conservation. Through CAA, EPA has been able to implement several programs that aim at preserving human health and environment.


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