Nursing Sample Discussion Essay Paper on Healthgrades Report

Healthgrades Report

Healthgrades is a company whose role is to offer information to physicians and health care providers in the US. Millions of healthcare professionals rely on Healthgrades to obtain information on mortality rates, risk factors, variations in healthcare outcomes, and health insurance covers, among other issues that focus on quality improvement. Undertaking numerous studies on the aforementioned issues can help in reducing healthcare costs, in addition to improving quality of healthcare. This study will cover on implications of healthy outcomes and mortality rates to the advance nurse practitioners.

Health outcomes are critical in nursing profession they determine the level of competence among the nurse practitioners. Advanced nurse practitioners play an essential role in patient care and health outcomes, as they are involved in treatment and diagnosis of severe illnesses, as well as chronic conditions. According to DeNisco and Barker (2013), nurse practitioners have offered a viable answer to the expanding health and wellness demand that is being pushed by consumers. Equipping hospitals with necessary and updated apparatus can help in enhancing healthcare outcomes. Advance nursing practitioners can enhance their competency when exposed to high technology equipment. In addition, healthcare reform initiatives, which include the Affordable Care Act, are responsible for ensuring quality in health care.

Mortality rates have been used to evaluate quality of health care in a country in order to identify areas that require improvement. Advance nurse practitioners are involved in developing different diagnoses that can ensure a reduction in mortality rates. Inequalities in infant mortality rates in terms of race, maternal age, and plurality has been well documented, as doing some has helped in increasing efforts to minimize infant mortality rates among the high risk groups (King, Gazmararian & Shapiro-mendoza, 2014). To avoiding incurring extra costs in the future, Healthgrades has endeavored to undertake a study on how much hospitals spend on treating certain complications with an aim of offering permanent solutions to such conditions. Enhancing skills among advance nurse practitioners can reduce the mortality rates in the US.


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