Nursing Research Paper Sample on Diabetes in Hospital: A Practical Approach for All Healthcare Professionals

Nursing Research Paper Sample on Diabetes in Hospital: A Practical Approach for All Healthcare Professionals

NR 533 Week 7 Paper


In a health care organization, business planning entails the identification of crucial services the organization intends to offer and the means it will use to meet the criteria identified. The most notable elements of a health care business include reimbursement, fee schedules systems for billing, managed care contracts, and problems related to the effective operation of the health care center (Holt, 2009). The identification of core business activities prior to their execution may help the organization to manage some of the challenges that might arise in the course of service delivery. At SLMC, there has been numerous suggestions of establishing a wellness center, hence, the need to explore the feasibility of such a business plan.

Steps in Developing a Business Plan for a New Wellness Center at SLMC

The following seven steps will guarantee a sound business plan (Sutton & Kiyosaki, 2012):

Gathering of Information

Information is essential in any undertaking and establishing a new wellness center at SLMC is not an exception. Key sources of information include websites, such as the Small Business Administration (SBA) and Small Business Planner (SBP) websites.  Another important site that will provide adequate information for business planning would be the In addition to providing enough information on business planning activities, these sources also expose individuals to free online courses that have proven helpful in the first attempt of plan for business activities.

Developing a Format for the Business Plan

Individuals or organizations may choose to download a template or develop their own format of a business plan. Developing an own template is advisable as it helps to capture a unique set of requirements (Sutton & Kiyosaki, 2012). The model should include the services that will be offered at the wellness center, targeted consumers and their needs, the intended marketing strategy that guarantees clientele base, and most importantly, the financial requirements that will help in facilitating the identified business activities.

Offer a Description of the Health Care Business

A brief description of the services that will be offered at the center as well as the skills and experience of the members of staff must be included in the plan. At the proposed cardiac wellness center in SLMC, the focus will be on comprehensive cardiac care and well-being services. A cardiac rehabilitation program will be on offer for those bearing the risk of developing cardiovascular complications.

The team of staff will include a cardiologist, registered nurses, a dietician, and exercise physiologists. More so, the team will tailor programs for the patients that will range from treatment to post treatment services. The unique program will include medically supervised exercises, education, support and safe environment, and training for healthy living(Sutton & Kiyosaki, 2012). Examples of these training programs are nutrition counseling, blood pressure management, and cessation smoke sessions.

Marketing Strategies

There is a need to identify outlook and trends in the healthcare sector to come up with a sound marketing strategy. It is important to identify competitors and analyze their strength and weakness. At SLMC, the business planners will use the Plunkett Research Website to be at pace with trends in the market. The organization’s core marketing strategies will include:

  • Establishing a website that will be used to conduct online marketing and this strategy is expected to generate new clients.
  • Using existing customers and obtaining referrals from doctors and hospital administrative personnel at Saint Louis Medical Centre

Organization of the Wellness Center

This section of the business plan should capture, alongside other items, the list of the intended software for charting and billing. There should be a clearly define way of receiving payments as well as reimbursements from Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. The organization process should also capture a list of all the relevant licenses and other compliance certificates.

Financial Plans and Strategic Goals

The business managers should use this section to communicate clearly on the financing options available for the organization. There should also be a projection of the company performance for at least three years. The targeted number of patients that will be served by the center within a certain period and means to capture the loyalty of patients should also feature in this section.


At this step, the business plan is considered mature to seek funding and eventually have the wellness center running. The organization may seek funds from well-wishers, individual investors, or corporate financers.

Value of the cardiac wellness center towards SLMC vision and mission

St Louis Medical Centre envisions itself to be a globally recognized health care center. The organization’s mission is dedication towards the delivery of total quality health care services by collaborating with competent staff and embracing internationally accepted technology and facilities. SLMC strives towards being a role model for delivery of comprehensive health care.

The American Heart Association identifies the cardiovascular disease as the leading global cause of death, accounting for 17.3 million deaths every year with a higher possibility of the death tolls rising to 23.6 million by 2030. Other reports also indicate that close to 85.6 million Americans are living with some form of cardiovascular diseases or have been attacked by stroke(Lu, 2013). The budget estimates for the cost of cardiovascular treatment is currently at a level close to $320.1 for every household. Despite the rising costs of treatment, failure to address the patients’ needs would mean a massive loss on population count at SLMC.

Based on these figure, the cardiac wellness center will oversee not only the comprehensive care and wellness of the cardiac patients, but also accord education to control future attack. Notably, the unique programs at the wellness center will address the seven key conditions that facilitate cardiac and stroke attack. These conditions include smoking, lack of physical activity, poor diets, excess body weight, obesity, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

Strength and Weakness of Establishing the Cardiac Wellness Center

  • Strengths of the project – the organization will widen the scope of patients received and treated at the SLMC. The health care center will also serve as an extra avenues for generating income for the medical center.
  • Weaknesses of the project – A cardiac wellness center requires substantial investment to establish and such investment by SLMC may affect the general operations at the center. Similarly, the existence of cardiac wellness centers in the neighborhood may result in a small number of patients making the project uneconomical.

Key Considerations for the Projects

Often, SLMC receives patients with different cardiovascular diseases. To ensure delivery of total quality health services, the organization is compelled to outsource medical and professional assistance from other medical centers (Lu, 2013).  Recovering the undertaking is expensive and uneconomical. Recent research suggests that there would be a massive cost reduction if the health care organizations are able to acquire the necessary equipment and personnel.

SLMC enjoys a strategic location and has a favorable environment unlike most of the current medical centers with a cardiac wellness center.  If the center can be comprehensively equipped and accorded a massive promotion campaign, it can drive its competitors out of market and remain the highest performing health care center in the region.


A cardiac wellness center is a timely intervention by SLMC, considered a double blessing to the medical center and the community.  With the establishment of the business, it will be possible to lower the rising trends of cardiovascular diseases in America.


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