Nursing Essay Paper on Reviewing Of Literature and Applying Theory

Reviewing Of Literature and Applying Theory


In the period of evidence-based medicine, a standout amongst the most essential abilities a doctor needs is the capability to literature critically. This is important to stay up with the latest and to guarantee ideal patient forethought. The aim of this paper is to present an available presentation into critical appraisal of investigative articles. Critical appraisal is the evaluation of evidences by efficiently assessing its significance, legitimacy and results to particular circumstances.

The Purpose of Critical Appraisal

Critical appraisal usually aims at solving the questions below. First, is the given information true? This is done by ensuring that the research methodology or study design used in the paper is sound. Also, evidence that the methodology was used must be available (Ellen et al., 2010). If the methodology and implementation of the study design is proven to be sound, then there will be confidence in the application of the design for the patients in trial. Second, how useful is the information? Critical appraisal of materials seeks to discover whether the information has any clinical significance. Third, can the information be used in a patient and how? Since the patients are generally different from those in the research study, it is critical to know the effects and outcomes it can have on patients.

How to Perform Critical Appraisal

I would perform critical appraisal by following a guide. This guide will prevent me from committing mistakes including omissions. It is often known that appraisers can miss important advantage or disadvantage of a literature if they are not following a checklist. For this reason, I would follow a guide which contains several questions like the one on page 49 to avoid errors (Ellen et al., 2010).


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