Nursing Coursework Paper on Study of factors that Affect Abuse of Older People in Nursing Homes

  1.  Why was the study done?

The study was carried out in order to address factors which lead to abuse of the elderly people while in nursing homes or nursing care facilities. In long term care facilities, environmental setups, nature of practices and rules have been found to have negative impacts on elderly patients (Natan & Lowenstein, 2010 p. 1). According to Nathan and Lowenstein, the basic elements of these (exploitative) factors include finances, physical harm, psychology torture, sexual harassment and neglect. Thus, the magnitude of the effects (permanent deformity or death) from these factors motivated the need to conduct the study.

  1.  What is the sample size?

Nathan and Lowenstein’s study was focused on 24 long term facilities for the elderly people in Israel (Natan & Lowenstein, 2010 p. 2). The population sample represented about eight percent of the total (elderly) health care facilities in the region obtained through random sampling from different geographical spheres within the state (p.2). Staff members in each of these facilities were randomly sampled from different departments depending on the institution’s working shifts (p. 2). At each care home, a minimum of ten questionnaires were administered per department. At the end of the exercise, a total of six hundred questionnaires were distributed from which a response rate of 85 per cent (510 questionnaires) was realized.

  1.  Are the instruments of the major variables valid and reliable?

The instruments used in this study are two forms of questionnaires distributed to departmental staff members in each of the 24 nurse care facilities (p.2). From the report provided, 85 percent responses were collected (p.2). This shows that the instruments used were significantly valid. Validity of an instrument is affected by the variables included therein, which motivates responses from the target sample population. The study included several important variables in the research instrument. Therefore, positive responses to these variables (as shown by the validity index) indicate reliability of the instruments used and the general research findings.


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