Nursing Annotated Bibliography Essay Paper on Healthy Campus 2020

Brief Summary

The ecological model looks at the environmental issues that affect people’s lives. It is therefore determined to create a favorable environment that will facilitate the living conditions of people. In doing this, the research institution focuses on individual attributes as well as the community living in one location/place. Therefore, interventions to environmental determinant can be through the community, primary groups and interpersonal processes, intrapersonal factors, institution factors and public policies (American College Health Assosiation, 2012). The first factor is public policies where government discourages unwarranted behaviors through restrictions by formulation of environmental laws. A good example is increasing taxes to discourage intake of alcohol.

The second intervention is through community where the structure of the community settings is modified to suit the needs of human beings. The relationship between bordering communities needs also to be facilitated in order to reduce conflict. Institution factors includes the facilities provide in the campus for smooth operation and studying mode. Lastly, interpersonal factors relate to personal development in behaviors, attitudes and skills. This goes hand in hand with interpersonal processes, which can be taught in campus by close association between the community and institution (American College Health Assosiation, 2012).

Annotated Bibliography

American College Health Assosiation. (2012, May 1). Healthy Campus 2020. Retrieved from

            The source is a website article written by the American college of health association. Ecological model provides a variety of interventions to tackle environmental issues that inhibits peaceful living amongst people and also the community. The research institution is a credible source in the sense that it has contributed a lot to the development of health issues in the country as well as global health. In addition, it is a renowned institution in writing about health issues with several publications in the book shelves in almost every library. These were the reasons as to why I chose the article.


American College Health Assosiation. (2012, May 1). Healthy Campus 2020. Web. 10 Jul 2015. Retrieved from