Mutant Message Down Under

Mutant Message Down Under

In Marlo Morgan’s “Mutant Message Down Under” the “real people” believe the world is a place of great abundance. The author recounts unique, timely and powerful enhancing message for humankind (Jason 27). The world been saved from destruction is timely on the realization that every living thing is part of a similar universal oneness. The life led by the real people is an indication our lives can be characterized by a great sense of purpose. However, this is in contrast with the mindset of the mutant, the greed underlies some relative globalization aspects. An example of the mutants is Morgan who is an outsider who spends time with aboriginal people and learns their ways. Because of this, she respects the features of aboriginal people which appear as vital improvements to the frenetic and competitive modern world that she carries with her (Jason 27).

Neocolonialism among the mutants explains the greed and mindsets that underlie colonization aspects. This is evidenced from the first take of the aboriginals on association with a white individual, Morgan. The Aborigines’ land, historically has been taken away with all ethnic groups in Australia submitting to regulations of the government led by whites (Morgan 45). In this respect, the aboriginal tribe is forced off its traditional land limiting their ability to carry out traditional jobs they values the most such as gathering and hunting. The mindset of the mutants and greed led to aspect of discrimination against the real people during colonization due to their dark skinned color and they never followed the broader society norms (Jason 30). The real people also have different beliefs with values that regard operational measures and business. They believe in cooperating for the common good of the society.

The aboriginal populace lessons are powerful and simple. They show Morgan a case where no separation exists between their respective souls as they rely on normal speaking through telepathy. They also demonstrate to her the significance and balance they enjoy regularly from empathy, courage, compassion and challenge as opposed to the mindset of the mutants. The wisdom in the minds of the real people as well as their hearts is an extension of natural world wisdom that is offered on a daily basis to us (Jason 32). Also, the book illustrates the dissimilar aspects of the culture of the real people, which is quite unlike that of the mutant culture. This is a reflection of the quest by the real people and how they fulfill their purpose. Their work involves discovering and experiencing their purpose as well as understanding their specific gifts. The real people also work towards achieving their set of objectives together as well as supporting each other since the others are what they have.

Morgan’s life forms the perfect primer on the life of the real people opposed to the relative globalization aspects (Jason 32). The life of the real people was with relative balance and harmony with nature. This is in regard to every creature place within the environment framework. Also, the life of the aboriginals lacked competition with the corresponding recognition of the value of individuals as well as their unique abilities which are completely lost in the modern world. As the mutant, Morgan relates the aspects of the lives of the aboriginals which are very interesting including mental telepathy (Jason 33). Another element that is as fascinating is the description of spiritual belief of the real people in oneness of every element within the ecosystem and the manner it recycles into respective environments over a certain duration.

This book is an illumination on the real world of the real people, mostly nomadic, moving across the Australian deserts and compared to the current state of globalization. The tribe assists Morgan discover some new vital ways of living as well as finding her inner strength and experience as a sense of worth. She also experiences how real people work towards attaining their set goals. The description by the author acknowledges that, under globalization aspect, nature has changed. This is proven through the elaboration of the real people, “The people of the world have changed and given a part of the soul of the land away” (Morgan 147). With the aboriginals’ belief that the world is a place of abundance, they believe what they have done thus far has aided in shaping the world as well as inviting Morgan so she can share the story as well as their observable belief system.

Morgan’s pint regarding the negative handling politics of curing disease among mutants is right compared to the aspect of the aboriginals. The natural healing, as it is depicted in the story is one of passions Morgan encounters in the process of the adventure. Natural lifestyle is what makes the aboriginals healthy compared to mutants, the white. Australian health system, as described by Morgan is politically manipulated such that even handling disease among mutants is a major challenge (Jason 38). Their health system as well does not value contributions of herbal medicine in society. The aboriginals are highly dependent on herbs and homeopathy use, which ensures they enjoy a longer and healthier life. In the perspective of the mutant’s, medicine has gone through major developments with sophisticated factors and technologies for purposes of treatment. This mainly involves manipulative factors, especially with the instance of collaborated technological efforts (Jason 38).

I am inspired through the new technology as well as ancient wisdom as they match my purpose. Because I believe in determination and creativity as the most powerful aspects of globalization, I am going to use messages from the book in order to inform my practice. Ancient wisdom aids in mapping the routes towards a deeper life, compared to the aboriginals towards reals of possibilities. This is evidenced through the experience of Morgan and the message, “I looked upward into the vast expanse of the world surrounding us and, giving thanks, finally understood that the world is truly a place of abundance” (Morgan 139). The social life portrayed by the real people brings people into accord with nature, with everyone expected to create personal powers within themselves in order to achieve fulfillment and realization of enjoying spiritual exploration.

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