Most Famous Musical Artist

Most Famous Musical Artist

Artists who create and perform music across the globe as different based on their genres. Presently, global music is growing and covers almost everything. This means that entertainers seeking to make a name and rise to fame in the world of music have to make use of their prowess and wits to achieve a cutting edge against other artists. Different elements are known to be very crucial for musical artists to create a name and become popular in music.

These includes being in a position to produces the highest number and the best hits obtaining many platinum awards as well as writing the most motivational songs and making the most money from produced albums. Based on the elements above, I would consider Justin Bieber as the most popular global music artist. He is a singer, actor and a song writer from Canada.

He rose to teen fame because of his hit songs ‘‘One Time and One Less Lonely girl’’ in 2009. First he has sold a lot of albums in his career in music and as of 2012; he had sold more than 15 million albums (Warner, 2013). Additionally, he is the main person artist behind many hit albums and being the only musician with a 12x platinum songs, Baby, becoming the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA, s) first ever highest certification song (RIAA, 2010).

Additionally, he was the first artist to have seven of his hit songs make a first time appearance record charting on the Billboard Hot 100, for example, his first single ‘’One Time’’ made incredible success in international and local markets. Justin has also received many awards as “Artist of the year Awards in the 2010 and 2012 “American Music Awards” (Billboard, 2010). The 53rd Grammy Awards also nominated him for the Best Pop Vocal Album.

He also received other awards for example single Britt, 2 NRJ Music, 6 Billboard Music, 7 American Music, 11 teen Choice and 7 MTV Europe Music Awards. Furthermore, Bieber was awarded the Newcomer of the year by the Young Hollywood Awards. What’s more, he received the ‘World Music Awards’’ because of his many global music sales and was nominated twice.

Justin Bieber in relevance to his popularity has the largest global fan base with more than forty million followers on twitter (COMTEX, 2010). In music world, it is evident that fans are the major driving force of artists to fame and as a result, the higher the number of fans an entertainer has, the more popular he or she becomes. The global Forbes magazine in 2012 also released the name of Justin as the most popular artist across the globe because of the large number of fans he attracts with his music.

A large part of his popularity can be attributed to social media as many countries across the globe are going digital and he is even more likely to maintain his popularity over other artists. Presently, he is gaining more fans with about 24, 000 fans a day across the globe. His track ‘Baby’’ is currently the most viewed online video.

Forbes magazine in 2011, listed Justin as the second highest paid celebrity below the age of 30 (Operant, 2011). He is additionally, one of the youngest artists and one of the seven musicians to have earned more than 53 million US dollars in a year. After releasing his second studio album in 2011, it was nominated as the number one Billboard 200 and made sales of 210,000 copies in the first week of its release.

His most recent 2013 album has seen him rise as the youngest music artist behind top five Billboard 200 chart albums in the U.S. He also made it to the Guinness book of records as first solo artist with top three number one albums in the UK and US before reaching 18 years.

In general, Justin Bieber has accomplished a lot at a tender age as opposed to many artists and when put together, all these aforementioned details make him the most popular artist. He also managed to make over 23 million single sales and has a platinum album record in 26 countries, a Christmas double platinum across the globe and more than two billion hits on YouTube.

Berber’s boyfriend single was ranked number one by 34 states in a day and a half. Other factors that can be attributed to his success and rise to fame in the world of music are his social media engagements that earned him the stance of brand King of the internet as well as his appearance on the list of the 12 most charitable celebrities. This has made the artist a motivation and a favorite to many fans, non-artists and to upcoming artists. Therefore, it is with no doubt that he is the most popular music artist across the glove and he is yet to even reach greater stardom in the coming days.

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