Medicine Dissertation Discussion Paper on Medicine Assignment

Medicine Assignment

Question 1

A brand name drug is marketed and sold to consumers under an umbrella of a given a trademark and protected name. A generic drug is similar to brand name in terms of dosage, strength and use but the difference is the way they are presented to consumers. The big difference is that brand name drugs are costly than generic drugs.

Question 2

Amphetamine is a stimulant which is used to stimulate the central nervous system mainly the nerves and brains. They work by increasing some chemical contents in the body to raise the heart rate and blood pressure. It is used to treat narcolepsy attention shortage.

Question 3

Anxiolytics are treatment used to slow up anxiety. They are used  to manage anxiety disorders and their psychological and physical effects.

Question 4

Psychoactive drugs are used to modify moods, emotions, and perceptions. They are of three categories. Depressants which are used to slow down the action of the central nervous system (CNS).Stimulants are used to increase the ability to execute tasks and being awake for long time. Hallucinogens create lasting and of time twist mostly pleasurable. The damage the brain by altering its cells communication mode and causes someone to be addicted to the psychologically.

Question 5

Oral route is the common used by tablets, capsules, syrup and powders which is easy safe and convenient. Sublingual route involves where drugs are put under the tongue or in between cheeks. It has a massive absorption rate into the blood. Rectal route mostly used to old individuals. It is proffered in unconscious cases and its effects of vomiting are minimal.

Question 6

The main components of the CNS are the brain and the spinal cord, which Drugs generally cuts off the communication between the CNS and the brain, which alters the normal functioning of the body.

Question 7

Crack cocaine attracted severe penalties than powder cocaine since its effects were more addictive, its use was attached to severe violent crimes, less costly and consumed in large quantities.

Question 8

Stimulants are used for medicinal value in reducing appetite to cure obesity and also alleviate nasal congestion.