Medical Science Book Review Paper Sample on Super Course Lectures: Basic Epidemiology

Lectures: Basic Epidemiology

Lecture choice #1: Cancer Epidemiology

The lecture focuses on patterns of spread and causes of cancer as well as its manifestation and effects on the global population. By beginning with the statistics of annual cancer diagnosis and mortality rate and the biology and sociology of cancer, the lecture highlights a growing problem both in developed and developing countries. The lecture is well thought out, objective and offers a good foundation for understanding the magnitude of cancer as one of the leading causes of deaths globally. It is concise and precise and covers a wide array of important issues pertinent in understanding cancer as well as disease epidemiology in general.       

Lecture choice #2: Impacts of global climate change on human health

The lecture begins with defining one of the emerging factors that play a key role in disease epidemiology: climate change. The lecture moves beyond the mere description and definition of climate: it highlights the correlation between climate change and health issues including what makes individuals vulnerable to the health effects of climate change. The lecture then focuses on how such health impacts can be mitigated at a policy level. By tackling the issue in a topical and concise manner, the lecture ensures that distinction can easily be made between the various issues discussed. By giving policy suggestions on how to reduce the likelihood of these health impacts, the lecture takes a multifaceted approach on one the leading epidemiological factors in the 21st century.

Lecture choice #3: Air Pollution and Health: An introduction

This lecture introduces learners to one of the fundamental live public health issue: air pollution. The lecture takes a detailed look at air pollution including a historical background, sources of air pollutants, health effects and epidemiological assessment. By offering a detailed yet concise look at the topic, the lecture allows for a deeper and broad-based understanding of air pollution.  

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