Marketing Sample Paper on JB HI-FI Strategic Marketing Performance

JB HI-FI Strategic Marketing Performance

Objective #5: increase customer awareness and customer base for computer and tablets as much as possible for the year 2015

Control: Ensure that many customers are able to access the online and physical stores to obtain various tablets and computers that are sold by the firm. Growth in the number of clients will be achieved by offering competitive prices for computers and tablets. This also ensures that not only the client will choose the business as their preferred point of purchase but also increase the amount of computers and tablets they buy. Effective and reliable customer service is another strategy that will be used for attracting many clients into the business. All the employees will be trained to offer quality customer service so that all customers are satisfied in order to keep them coming back for more. This strategy will enable the company to keep loyal customers and bring in more new clients. If need be, the company will hire individuals who are experienced in training employees to achieve customer satisfaction and offer quality customer service.

Monitor: observing the amounts of sales recorded compared to the previous sale units. Keeping an inventory of the number of customers who come into the store and comparing them with the number of customers that came in previously. The management will also look at the amount of computers and tablets bought by individual customer to find out if they have increased their amounts of purchase. There will be a provision for clients to anonymously comment on the quality of customer service and their levels of satisfaction in order to judge if the objective have been met or failed due to poor or effective customer service