Marketing Sample Essay Paper on Internet Marketing

1a) Take your audience through the elements of Internet marketing.

For most organizations such as eBay, the fundamental growth of the business involves constant acquirement of new clients while nurturing existing ones. Through internet marketing this has been proved to be feasible. Internet marketing is thus presented as a process by which organizations engages in online advertising including marketing efforts to draw clients to their products either online or offline. This is achieved through emails or using web platforms.

One of the widely used concepts is game theory, this being a scientific approach, it is widely exploited to evaluate the link between diverse players in the market. EBay have often exploited the concept to develop strategic analysis regarding product outcomes and the customer preferences and this has helped the organization to set its prices and retain its customer base online.

Points to discuss:

Definition of digital marketing;

Digital marketing is the process of promoting, publicizing and selling good and services through internet based platforms. The Internet marketing plays a huge economic role, and among the key players involved includes EBay. There are various technologies such as computers, cellphones, smart phones, tablet TV as well as game console which are employed within digital marketing to create customer and product engagement. Digital marketing also entails use of technologies such as apps, websites, and social networks including emails. The concept can be executed either through internet or non internet platforms.

Definition of e-commerce and e-business;

E-commerce on the other hand is the process of executing business through electronic communication, and e-business is the activity of executing business online.

•           The internet micro- and macro-environment;

Micro environment consists of individuals or organizations that a given business entity deals with regularly such as suppliers, customers, employees including competitors, they all have direct impact on the business. Macro environment on the other hand involves factors that are not indirect control of the organization. These factors include internet service providers, hosting companies, government, social shifts as well as government policies and the national economy. These factors influence user’s habits including their belief on the online product or services.

           Benefits of internet marketing

Marketing activities associated with online businesses are greatly changing and are in inline with progressing online technologies that dictates on the internet businesses. It is now evident that the internet has evolved to be the new marketing battle field for various organizations. Internet has been found to inject new life to businesses including new marketing grounds. Hence, it calls for strong marketing strategies as to have a measurable including a definitive procedure to target the intended market niche as well as the position the business adequately to have a broader control of the market. This is well illustrated by eBay internet marketing strategies.

Internet marketing has countless benefits which makes it one of the widely used platforms. The internet unlike the conventional marketing is cheaper, convenient, and highly flexible. Also it is highly accessible for longer durations, in the same way; it is quite easier to make changes rapidly without affecting the market. Another notable factor is time, internet marketing allows the businesses to be live without the fear of time expiring or losing the clients. The business if well hosted provides the users with all the necessary information and equally save the time and money the clients could have used to travel in search of the given product as noted with eBay, internet provides the customers with convenience since when purchasing it is just a click. Note that there are clients who prefer using online transactions instead of being involved with traditional business; hence, internet becomes a suitable alternative. Thus, internet is cheaper and reliable, it is as well more economic since it provides easier communication venues. Other correlated benefits include; e.g. reach, scope, immediacy, interactivity, targeting; adaptive and closed loop marketing. Firms should always strive to create product of perceive high quality in order to attract new customers and gain the necessary competitive advantage, the concept, is defined as the perceived superiority of a product or service relative to other alternatives (Patterson, and Ward, 2000). In the internet service sector, the perceived quality of products is very vital as it increases the switching costs and reduces the customer churn rate. It also gives customers a base on which they can make the purchase decision and differentiates the products from other competing goods. Of-course, as Ellwood (2002)

1a) Examine the eMarketing mix (eProduct, ePrice, ePromotion, ePlace strategies or whole 7ps)

Emarketing mix is basically strategies employed for any developed products or services. The broader aspects of the internet have considerably transformed this observation in the manner services as well as goods are sold. Today, users are using the internet to access and execute transactions for various services and products. That is why business entities require online strategies as to attract users and equally retain existing clients. The e-marketing mix entails the diverse aspects allied to marketing mix in the internet.


These are online products which are offered through the internet. Some of the brands seen in eBay website are e-products. The scope of e-products is that they provide product attributes instantly while the transaction procedure is quite simplified. For instance, eBay has online support that ascertains the users have the right product and the client is not assumed. On the other hand, e-products are guaranteed of quality and are easily accessed.


Pricing is basically a challenging factor. However, the unique e-marketing mix concept has established the scope ePricing to be simple. Internet has transformed pricing to be highly competitive; the pressure has been trickled down to traditional businesses. Internet pricing has to it that the costs associated with stores, packaging including staff have gone completely. This indicates that the internet allows the client to navigate through the various websites for the best available deals. Such simple access to information has allowed the product and services to have low prices to attract and retain clients. Also the progression of internet auctions has given the users an upper hand in determining the costs of products and services. A good example of this phenomenon is which has millions of buyers placing bids dairy. This strategy has seen various online business developing tracking technologies as to monitor their sales and presence within the internet.


Advocating for services and products online is sustained by diverse factors. Having a recognizable brand and domain name is of great significance in relation to ePromotion online stores such as eBay have managed to position successfully due to their unique brand names. However, placing online banners, advertisements are one of the most used ePromotion procedures, these banners are typically placed where potential users are likely to browse. Another front employed pertains to web public relations. Other features of ePromotin regarding mailing e-leaflets and the usage of social media such as Face book and the Twitter.

Eplace strategies

Online purchasing is quite complicated. Nevertheless, users can purchase product and services from the providers directly, and this can cut the retailers out. The major challenge is often associated with delivering the purchased product or service to the user within the specified duration. Also the location of the user is of great significance for ePlace strategies. Online location can be presented as the source of the link. That is why it is important for a business to know the likely place where the users can visit and access the product or services. eBay places its strategic ads in Google so as to have a higher traction and greater presence in the internet.

1b) Compare some of the emarketing tools (e-tools)

What are e-marketing tools

These are core tools used to propel the goods and services within the emarket. The tools are linked to promotion as well advocating for the services and products to the online audience. These tools are varied and involve market research as well as advertising as measures of sustaining market relevance.

List some of the e-marketing tools and evaluate some of them

Email marketing

Emarketing embraces the usage of email marketing as one of it foremost preserve. Email marketing has been identified as being a base on which a business can easily influence clients to access its products. A strong email marketing strategy is required to be a base on which business plan including marketing strategies must be based. Email marketing takes into consideration the nature of products as well as services of the targeted market niche, including their preferences, benefits and what they could be looking into the product or services. Thus, a good email strategy must have strategies that will transform the user.

Online videos

Unlike email marketing, online video have a greater impact. Using videos presents the user with an opportunity to learn how the specific product is used or functions or more how particular services are used. Online videos are more convincing and are elaborate more so they are to the point and do not require much reading to understand. On the other hand it provides an advanced and improved customer engagement as well as search engine optimization. Another advantage of online video is that it creates greater brand awareness greatly more than email marketing.


The aspects of both parameters are to increase a website visibility and presence in the internet. They are instrumental in the way that they allow organizations to promote and advocate their products within diverse social platforms.  SEO is designed to increase web ranking while SEM is goes beyond SEO and is more interactive since it covers diverse marketing aspects. In relation to eBay, the concepts are integrated and make this website to be highly ranked by Google and are not costly to enact and execute.

Social media

Social media platforms such as face book, twitter, Google plus and LinkedIn plays a pivotal role in emarketing. Established entities such as eBay employs serious social icons to push their products within these popular platforms as face book and twitter. The significance of social media is the ease of access and the high number of potential clients who can be easily reached. On the other hand social media marketing is economical and requires less time to implement. Also it is possible to define the target audience for specific products as well as their demographics. It is thus important to assert that social media is more engaging than the usage of more technical procedure employed for SEO and SEM.

1.b) Examine interactive order processing

Diverse business entities have diverse order processing procedures, in regard to emarketing organizations are required to have well established interactive order processing mechanisms. This is due to the fact that customer satisfaction is of value to the business. For instance, eBay system is highly interactive and effective such that return clients do not have to fill the forms again and again when making other transactions in the same website. Also, this reduces errors when orders are being processed. EBay’s order processing system is responsive and dynamic it enhances user experience and this has been identified as being one way the organization maximizes its profits. The system is automated and captures the client’s information and this has enhanced business activities. However, technical issues due to emerging versions may pose a threat to the user information.

2A.The mechanics of search engine marketing

Search engine marketing is essential for any emarketing activities. The concept is all inclusive and can be of significance to any business. The dynamics associated with this process ascertains all attributes of emarketing are encompassed. These dynamics may include local internet based marketing or global marketing. Such diversity may constitute marketing through established such engines such as Google, yahoo, Bing and Amazon. This is well demonstrated by eBay which have well integrated SEM within these search engines. The value of SEM to business is that it helps in development of other ventures such as B2B or B2C. The marketing communication strategy should involve differentiation of products and services. In the modern economy differentiation of products and services can be achieved trough branding (Erdem and Baohong, 2002). A brand as Aaker and Joachimsthaler (2000) observe should guarantee customers particular features, benefits and services, and ensure there is consistency and this is achieved through dynamic SEM/SEO. A key component as discussed by Aaker and Joachimsthaler (2000) is SEM and SEO management which entails managing products and services  features from the time they are introduced in the marketplace until when they are removed. In the emarketing industry, firms use all manner of strategies including advertising intangible assets such as quality, shape, colour, and lifestyle compatibility (Cellini and Luca, 2003). In regard to eBay, the website require more interactive search engines and keywords, basic key density and as well as simplified content navigation

 Make an opt-in example email newsletter

This section is essential for any emarketing entity. Within online business securing user information is essential for future publicity needs. It would be important to secure your opt-in links. This can be done using SSL or comondo or VeriSign on the website. This would assure the clients that the website is secure. In this manner, it would be easier for the client to provide personal information which can be captured in the given subscription form. emarketing businesses should always strive to create product of perceive high quality in order to attract new customers and gain the necessary competitive advantage, the concept, is defined as the perceived superiority of a product or service relative to other alternatives (Patterson, and Ward, 2000). This aspect is also important in compelling individuals to sign in for the services within the specific site, for instance, eBay

Explain what online PR is.

This is an activity which is highly involved with all aspects of improving the emarketing or internet commerce outcomes from diverse digital marketing communications parameters such as SEO, SEM including link building, social media, viral marketing partnership marketing as well as the word of mouth marketing. It is a low cost procedure designed to attract more clients and arouse awareness of the given brand or website such as PayPal or eBay. Nevertheless, it requires a lot of commitment; it has no known short cuts to success. It is established that within online business PR is as important as the perceived quality of products. It is very is vital as it increases product and services awareness and increases customer base.  Having a good OPR is essential, the department can be involved in online social responsibility activities. Such programs would be developed to inform the clients of the better usage of online contents. The other aspect would entail training the clients on the best online practices associated with investment. Also providing interactive platform for users to share product information would be another factor that OPR can employ to reach to the market and help improve the overall user experience.

Define what a Digital Media Community (DMC) is and explain the benefits to the customer and to the business of using a DMC.

Business owners are in need of constant communication with their clients. Hence the scope of efficiency as well as diversity is brought into consideration. In this case DMC can be defined as a process in which clients and businesses interact. The benefits of digital media community is that it allows clients to share content and brand information and this in the long run helps in cultivating values, commitment as well as loyalty. EBay, for instance, have developed unique DMC allied to its ecommerce, these appropriate structures and processes that support its products in different countries, as proposed by the brand leadership model, are as a result of customer participation through interactive digital media community such as the internet, email as well as the phones which connects them with their clients (Kotler and Keller, 2012). As noted with the mentioned ecommerce business, the clients are given interactive chats where they share, learn and earn. In this way, the users are exposed to the company’s products of perceived high quality; hence they are able to command appropriate prices especially in the high end market. Through interactive channels, the eBay has managed to popularize its offerings, while allowing the customers to develop   an innovative brand –building program which has led to a change in the customer perceptions, while reinforcing positive attitudes. An integrated digital communications strategy is widely adopted in the emarketing industry, in which the firm use various marketing tools to popularize its products (Chung and Lee 2003). A Key component of the DMC is sales promotion which could be carried through below-the-line or the above-the-line advertising (Schiffman and Kane-bay 2006. In the marketing industry, sales promotions gives the firms an opportunity to attract new customers and one of the strategies used is offering discounted prices on particular cell marketing models for a limited time (Mascarenhas et al 2006). Secondly, promotion reminds customers about particular products and services, and inform about their associated benefits and functions. The customers could then use the information obtained in making purchasing decisions. Proper integration of DMC would provide the clients with a venue to share and respond to various queries raised by other users. It would be instrumental for eBay to sustain and support online chat for its clients, this would ascertain, the users have a room to review ,criticise and endorse certain products, services and practices embraced by the business. In this way, the business would gain by acquiring suitable information from the clients, which can be enhanced to improve on the overall customer experience, leading to higher profitability and trust among clients. Using digital media community, the business could immensely popularize its products, build new client base and more establish a strong communication concept among its customers. A case in point is in the US where Ebay through DMC had structured an ecommerce campaign that saw it merge with paypal. The effectiveness of the campaign is well highlighted in the article, by Namita (2012) who observes that the integrated communication concept has promoted the penetration of Ebay’s products in other ecommerce platforms, and other foreign destinations. Likewise, the user participation is a pointer eBay is a successful online business. The utilization of social media, phones, the internet and other associated digital communication is a statement that ecommerce is a profound marketing niche.


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