Marketing Research Paper Sample on Complex Contracting: Government Purchasing in the Wake of the U.s. Coast Guard’s Deepwater Program

Domice simulation model is a type of a distribution decision that offers resource managers with required tools for assessing probabilistic risk that is as a result of precise delivery of icebreaking resources. This model assists Coast Guard in balancing the risk associated with addition and subtraction of resources from the distribution department. This ability of the Coast Guard is useful because the 140-foot WTGB fleet can prepare extensive shipyard period in cases of service life extension program (Brown, Potoski, and Van 55). The model is flexible regarding evaluating the withdrawal of a resource from an entire season of icebreaking. The model can reduce the challenges of examining hypothetical scenarios (Daft and Marcic 275).

            The organization’s considerations were to find a distribution decision that would be able to calculate and compare the risk associated with geographies and the Coast Guard missions. These considerations were important for the Coast Guard organization because they would assist in the assessment of the effectiveness of the organization’s icebreaking missions (Mora, Forgionne, and Gupta 67). Such considerations are also important because the organization is faced by the lack of enough resources to complete its tasks. The number of the requested icebreakers varies with the geographic site and weather.

 The organization was searching for a distribution decision that would meet the requirements of the operational task. The organization experienced problems in evaluation of certain features of the Domice mission. Such challenges include the involvedness of operational areas, the variability in icing across a certain region and the consequences as a result of icebreaking (Osherenko and Young 60).The organization was in need of a capable model that would improve the effectiveness of the icebreaker distribution decisions.

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