Marketing Essay Paper on The Distribution Method

Case Study

The Distribution Method

            The company’s choice of a distribution method should be a combination of strategies that will enable the firm to achieve its intended purpose at the lowest cost. The organization intends to use the new product to enter the consumer marketing business. As such, a new sales force or a new way of reaching the market is necessary to ensure that the focus of the organization is not split. The organization will need to work with retailers and wholesalers in the market field to cut down the commissions paid to the sales people. Additionally, dealing directly with the client will help the organization understand the area of customer marketing in a better way (Chowdhury and Koval 89). Consequently, the organization will require using online marketing to gain and retain more clients and a wider market. The lack of experience in this area will require the firm to focus on several markets to help in improving the number of sales and market knowledge. On the other hand, the organization will need to package their products and sell them in a bulk or singles to the consumers. Lastly, the company will focus on sales as a mode of promotion rather than advertising.

Evaluation of the Method

            Evaluating the effectiveness of the distribution alternative will be based on the pricing, the market size, the packaging, and the impact on competitors (Dent 106). The four aspects are vital to the growth and development of a distribution channel; therefore, success in such areas of the business will indicate the success of the distribution alternative. Consequently, the amount of sales achieved, and the cost of producing one product will be a key factor in the evaluation of the distribution method.

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