Marketing Essay Paper on Critical Path Analysis

Critical Path Analysis

A critical path is the longest channel of tasks that must be done in time for the project to be accomplished within the predefined deadline. For Rock fest, their critical path is defined by A, B, D, E, F, G and O. The activities include: Finalize site and building contract, select local printer, design promotional website, set TV deal, hire director, TV camera replacement, passes and state credentials. The total project time is thirty-four weeks (Shenkar, 2010).

Crashing a project involves reducing the duration taken to accomplish a task on the critical path. In case project B extends by two weeks, a number of avenues can be followed to ensure the project is still finished within the set time. Project D has a crashing duration of two weeks. Extra $3000 will be allocated to project D so that it is accomplished two weeks before the initial deadline. Project E, within the critical path can also be brought forward by two weeks .This is done by spending extra $2500.Another option include breaking down a task in the path so that it can be done simultaneously by different groups using different channels.

Poor communication is a major challenge that faces projects of this magnitude. It involves many people so communication has to accurate otherwise a last minute hitch may mess the project. Change in the range of the project is likely to occur (Shenkar, 2010). For example, if it is anticipated the attendance will exceed 100000 people. Such changes could influence the overall result of the project. Inability to plan for and manage risk is likely to occur. The project manager must have the necessary skills to manage any risk that come from the project. Failure to engage the customers could negatively affect the outcome of the entire project.


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