Marketing Essay Paper on Al Bayt maintenance services

Q 1

            Al Bayt maintenance services is a facilities management firm in United Arab Emirates, Dubai the firm has several products and services that are tailored to the wider people living in Dubai. The firm is composed of highly organized and thorough resource personnel of high competence who are proficient in facilities management and consultancy services. The main idea behind the establishment of Al Bayt maintenance service is to provide quality services and products; managed solutions to people, businesspersons, investors and expatriates who are investing in the United Arab Emirates, while at the same time spend most of their time overseas in business trips and other business expeditions. United Arab Emirates is a developed country that has oil potential, and as a result, many companies are being opened and businesspersons investing in order to tap into the mainstream industrial projects. Most companies henceforth require competent organizations that can handle their outsourced activities.

            Al Bayt brings that sense through offering quality products and services in facilities management, which comprises of contractual arrangement in property building, managing shopping complex, shopping centers, commercial property management, cleaning and guarding services. The company intends to accomplish its goal by providing unparalleled unique services than what its competitors currently offer in the market. This will be done through establishing the client’s requirements and specifications, handling customer queries and treating everyone with respect, and above all employing integrity while using proper business etiquette in all scenarios. The construction and managed services in United Arab Emirates is growing with large potential of activities, with each company finding it hard to survive in a competitive market without a company to manage its housing facilities, this sector has seen an upward trend in terms

of growth, with every company finding it hard to succeed without the services of a facilities management company. This has become very critical and a major success factor in Dubai (Arabian business 2014) for any organization to have properly managed housing infrastructure. Due to this need in the market, the company will offer specialized services in a complete package in facilities management, which will target the construction industry due to shortage of skilled personnel. Not only will the company offer specialized services, it will also offer unique products that guarantee customer satisfaction and will provide the best offer for their client’s money. The processes will also be automated to guarantee faster response times, greater and friendlier company-client communication.


            Segmentation: The firm will venture into the housing market segment with the aim of providing solutions in facilities management. This is because the construction industry has led to the development of housing units, business complexes and other commercial spaces that are critical in housing businesses operations and organizations that are being initiated by investors. By using segmentation strategy, the organization will be able to classify the different markets according to some attributes. This will enable the firm to divide the market into smaller markets each with unique attributes that are crucial to the marketing plans of the firm, and as such will help the firm meet its customer expectations due to the need within the segments.

            Targeting: This will involve tailoring the products and services according to the selected market segments after carrying out the market segmentation research. The company will affect the brand through a marketing mix, each targeting the different market segments.

 The company will offer solutions, which are tailored to specific people, who are mostly businesspersons, investors and other organizations such as embassies that venture into new countries and are in need of efficiency in service delivery. This will call for the need of specialization while sourcing their facilities to be managed by external parties. In doing so, business-to-business markets will also be utilized to grow the firm’s strategy.

Positioning positioning entails making proper considerations in relation to aspects of brand identity (Riezebos 2012).

            The firm will distinguish its product offerings and services among the presently existing companies, in order to allow the firm’s brand to be accessible to most clients who may need their facilities to be managed. There are different brand positioning methods that will be used, among them being the use of adverts in order to introduce the product to the clients and the whole population who are unaware of the company.

            There will also be other corporate social responsibility activities in environmental management to help penetrate the minds of most companies that are very responsive towards green building initiatives. In this, the company will use a slogan that appeals to companies that are interested in green building technology, which is aimed at reducing their power usage. The slogan will be used to drive the agenda and make the brand more visible within the market segments. This will be appealing to corporate organizations, which will in turn need the services of the firm.

Q 3

Marketing mix is defined as the mixture consisting of product attributes, price, distribution structure and promotional activities (Sandhusen 2000). This mixture will help Al Bayt facilities Management Company to penetrate the market, and enable the firm to deal with territorial problems that may occur (Bowman & McCormick 1961).

Product: The firm will offer specialized services that are unique among the ones currently being offered in the market. This will consist of a three months free subscription to an online guarding system to attract technology sensitive clients such as embassies, which can be rented out to investors who stay for a short time in the country. This will bring flexibility in monitoring the buildings on their palms using tablets. The firm will use innovation in technology to drive product innovation in a competitive.

            Price: The firm will use premium pricing on consumers who may want their residential units to be under a facilities maintenance agency rather than employ a mason who is paid on a monthly basis. This will enable the firm lower its price on clients who rarely use the approach. The pricing attribute will be used to lure more clients into this bracket since a lower price will attract clients and grow the market share. On the other hand, other established organization such as embassies and shopping complexes will be charged premium prices that are worth the services being rendered to them.

            Place: Al Bayt facilities Management Company will use small offices in shopping malls and complexes where people frequent much. This will help potential clients to access the firm’s information by just walking into the offices; having a brochure and knowing more about the product that are being offered. On the other hand, there will be a moving van that will let people know more about the firm’s products and at the same time a customer care desk to handle customer queries as well as a website that lets people order for services.

            Promotion: The firm will use flyers and banners mounted on bicycles with salespersons riding along footpaths.

Customer Relationship Management Strategy.

This is a business philosophy that use IT enabled processes to develop, integrate various concerns of customers in order to deliver long-term value to customers (Fjermestad & Romano 2006). This will be achieved through developing innovation to initiate collaboration that will enhance customer satisfaction and brings value in the business customer relationship (Gordon 2014).


This is defined as a group of activities within the communication process that is used to initiate and maintain dialogue with the intended group of consumers (Dahlen et al. 2010). The firm will use an integrated marketing communication mix in order to sell the firms idea through advertising, marketing and selling techniques. This set of activities will be used to achieve the marketing communication goals with different strategies being employed to achieve the goals. The firm will use public relations techniques, promotional elements, direct marketing and advertising and face-to-face contacts as some of the marketing mixes in order to develop rapport and achieve brand positioning.

            Public relation: This department will handle public relations issues. This involves issues that are to be communicated to the public in order to inform the public on some developments. It will also handle crisis management within the firm and initiate the process of how to handle certain issues (Galloway & Aidoo 2005), inform, and persuade the public of wrong perceptions that may negatively affect the firm’s operations. It will also address any concern that is worth of public interest, clarify any issue that is not clear, while on the end create an everlasting perception and maintain a favorable picture of the business.

            Promotion: The firm will implement and use activities, which will provide new information to the prospective clients. This will consist of methods that will attract potential clients towards the services offered by the firm. The firm will also use some promotional methods, among them being the use of open houses, promotional campaigns and the use of visual merchandizes. The open houses will be used to display the housing units developed and maintained by the firm, promotional campaigns will use annual homes expo has to attract investors to use their services, while visual merchandizing will use the windows of shopping malls to display the properties that are being managed.

            Advertising: This will help the company to advertise their services that are being offered. This is because adverts enable the services of a company to be able to penetrate a given population. This will be facilitated through the use of classified, which will be used to advertise the houses that are being let and the ones being managed.


Form of Advertising                                                   Estimated budget (Per annum)

Newspaper and magazine                                           AED 35,000                           

Television                                                                    AED 500,000

Online advertising                                                       AED 15,000

Brochures, Banners and Fliers                                     AED 25,000

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