Management Sample Paper on Information Interview

Information Interview

It concerns a person who works in a city with an audit firm. Her name is Mrs.Ping who is an internal auditor to the firm. Mrs. Ping has a rather busy schedule and therefor I called her on her telephone. I am to enquire about various facts of that line of specialization as a career since it is my desired specialization. I reach her on phone.

My aim of making the call is to enquire on the nature of the work she does as an internal auditor. Among the questions to ask her are how she started her career, if her pathway to the company was the same as that of other workers, if she took any courses or internships that aided her to get in the area, what a typical work day to her is like, the most interesting transactions or audit works she has worked on lately, what she enjoys the most about the work she does, what she would like to change concerning the work she does, what she knew later when she joined the field and she wished she knew earlier, what are the necessary skills required to succeed in the career and whether I can call on her later in future if I needed any other help and finally if there are other members whom I may contact who can assist me in the interview.

The interview took place during lunch hours when Mrs.Ping was having a lunch break. It took about thirty minutes. She let us in on how she began her career. She said she always had a passion for accounting as a child and that was her greatest drive. Even when selecting her career subjects all through her education she chose those that favored accounting. She claimed that her passage to the company she currently works on is similar to that of the other workers. Every individual who wanted to become an employee of the company had to undergo an interview process. It is from the interview process that those selected were put on training of the practices to undertake in the company.

She was excited by the question on whether she took any courses or internships that aided her to get in the field of auditing where she replied that she took a course pertaining a bachelor of commerce degree supported by added advantage of a course in accounting of Certified Public Accountant that she did. She stressed that the CPA course was a very important factor in ensuring she got to the accounting field. She described her typical day of work as tiring yet satisfactory since that was what she enjoyed doing. Her passion was on auditing and therefore no matter how tiring it seemed she enjoyed every bit of it. She said she loved the part where she had to travel outside boarders to conduct audit activities there.

She said that the most exciting audit work she worked on lately was one where she was sent abroad to a company in England to conduct an audit. To her it was like having a day off work since auditing was never a problem to her. What she enjoys the most about the work she does is that she does it without straining or forcing herself. It seems in born to her. She says she likes the work she does and has seen of concern that she would wish changed.

She claimed that she wished she knew earlier that the work would such enjoyable and she would never have had the thoughts she occasionally had of venturing into other courses that seemed more marketable. The necessary skills required to succeed in the career are aggressiveness and desire to achieve. She said with those an individual can soar high beyond the limits. She said I can call on her any other time I need to know anything and she agreed to help and consider me when a vacant position in the firm occurs.

Mrs.Ping further directed me to another employee of their company who would assist me in understanding the interview process of their company. She guaranteed the employee would suit my needs well.

There are three new things learnt from the interview, first, course work alone may not be enough to suit my career needs. As Mrs.Ping advised, I realized additional courses are important in career development. For this reason, certified public accountancy courses or other professional courses serve as major boosters to one’s career. Another thing is, despite how tiring and demanding the work in that lines seems, if one has the desire and the zeal, he will actually find it interesting and comfortable to do the job.

Thirdly, I learnt a lesson from Mrs.Ping that it is how determined you get that matters. There is no other secret way to get into a major company with a good salary than having achieved well. The interview process is for each one who wishes to be employed there. The individual I was connected to also attested to this by claiming that the interview process is a must pass through process and no one is admitted in that company without going through it.