Management Sample Essay on Technological Innovation for eBAY

 Technological Innovation for eBAY

 eBay has undergone several organizational changes towards its technological innovation and development. This indicates its support for the development and operation of efficient data center equipments, hardware, and software. eBay Inc.’s team responsible for delivering technical and engineering services including cloud services and data centers. Recently, the team has improved the efficiency of the company’s technical systems and productivity towards business success (Chaffey, 2014). In the late 2008, the eBay Inc.’s organizational structure and culture adjusted towards supporting improved IT development and innovation. One of the major benefits of improving technological innovation is to promote communication with the various stakeholders. 

The implementation of new IT systems and infrastructures in eBay has been on the forefront it assessing the interest of the stakeholders facilitated by effective communication.  However, it is important for all managers to be involved in the transformation and innovation in the company. Strong relationship management among the mangers is crucial towards supporting improved technological innovation success. eBay has been using managers with strong skills and credibility  in both technical and business units. Also, eBay, has been appropriate in enhancing systems design thinking (Part 1…, 2013). In order to achieve effective in data center, it is offers an appropriate design process for energy efficiency improvements.

 I n terms of system design, eBay have been able to identify the end-use of the various products and design enhancing efficiency in the process. Some of the data improvement advantages include increasing speed, scale and costs that are achieved by integrating the various data center hardware appliances into a single unit. In 2010, eBay launched project Mercury aimed at creating an efficient and dense data center for the company (Schuetz, Kovaleva & Koomey, 2013). The project helped in supporting assessment tools and strategies in the company’s design process.


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