Management Essay Sample Paper on the Effort to Performance on for the Employees



There are three things that impacted the effort to performance on for the employees. They include decision-making authority, communications among the employees, supervisors and the general manager John Becker, and dependability of the employees. Considering the decision making as an aspect, in the previous administration, the employees were not given the authority to make decisions but instead consult with their supervisor and general manager. In the current administration, they have been given the power to make decisions, which took most of their time leading to delay in customer service provision.

Communication between the employees and the manager has been minimized. The supervisors are not in a position to regularly meet their boss on the continuously rising matters leading to poor quality of service provision due to wrong choices made. Dependability of the employees together with the supervisors has minimized their overall job performance. This is as a result of tension and lack of self-confidentiality leading to poor performance.


The three things that have impacted performance to outcome and valences for the employees are morale, rewards and teamwork and leadership. The aspects of morale have changed on this as a result of the little motivation impacted on the supervisors by the new system of empowerment. The junior employees have been empowered for decision making and rarely consult their supervisors.

The previously present rewards are no longer given, leading just ordinary performance of the employees and not working towards a particular target, hence the low outcome. The initial teamwork and collaboration has been broken and thereby the effectiveness and outcomes of the collaboration of teamwork and leadership have been diminished, resulting in low performance and outcome.


The managers should have played the role of undertaking an effective empowerment in the organization. They would have done this by making the new boss aware that the employees did not have the capacities in delivering services under the new empowerment systems. They would, therefore, coordinate with the general manager in ensuring that the room was given for gradual innovation and creativity among the employees since they did not take part in this from the previous administration. Therefore, they would ensure that the former system of burocracy was given time to erode rather than being eliminated at once.