Management Essay Sample Paper on Hacker Hunters

Hacker Hunters

Question 1

Identity theft refers to faking an individual’s identity with an aim of fraud. The two categories of theft that can be carried out with stolen identity include physical theft and purchase, and online theft and purchase.

The kinds of technology that big retailers could utilize to avoid thieves from buying merchandise include:requesting for verification codes that are usually found on credit cards. Second, they can request for biometric verification, for instance, a fingerprint or a voice signature over some quantity of purchases. Big retailers should request for a purchase and log in pin before selling any item.

Question 2

Organizations can come up with information security plans and security policies. Second, they can require long passwords that have either ten or more than 10 characters. Additionally, the passwords should have small, numerical, capital, and special characters. Big organizations can also invest in security settings and firewall.

Question 3

It is unethical for authorities to tap an online service provider and read individuals’ e-mails because it may result in illegal convictions and wrong suspicions. Second, it may result in bad repercussions for individuals who did not commit any offense. Lastly, it can lead to racial profiling. On the other hand, it is essential for authorities to tap online service providers because the probable damage that can be caused is big. Moreover, the extent of crime networks is big.

Question 4

It is ethical for authorities to use one of the high-ranking officials to trap other gang members because ShadoCrew was also recognized as a criminal organization. Second, it was vital to build a case and find witnesses. Furthermore, it was considered a traditional method of destroying criminal organizations.