Management Essay Sample on Work Experience

Work Experience

Field Experience Completion Form

TMix- Milk Tea Store

                                                Hours              Date Worked              Signature / Approval

Orientation / Training             2                        3/5/2015

Manager’s assistant                6                         6/5/2015

Arrange schedule / cashier     6                         9/5/2015

Receptionist                            6                        10/5/2015

Receptionist                            6                          12/5/2015

Manager’s assistant                6                          13/5/2015

Total                                        32     

TMix address: Ste G, 650 Central Ave, Alameda, CA 94501

Phone 🙁 510) 521-5888

When I joined TMix- Milk Tea Store, I was taken through orientation for 2 hours. This was a necessary step whereby I was introduced to my colleagues, and provided with the essential information regarding my work. During the orientation, a person is given sheets with names of the officers within the facility, the performance standards, working hours, benefits, and the place of work. There are tax forms to fill, supplied with the regulations of the store. The recruiting manager gave me a chance to ask any question. The orientation process was good because it enabled me to start contributing to the store in good time.

For 12 hours, I worked as a manager’s assistant.

My roles as the assistant required me to ensure that the store operations were running smoothly. The manager’s assistant ensures that the store meets its targets, and operates within the lowest possible budget. This is very important for the growth of the hotel. The assistant also recruits and carries out training of junior staff members. I handled enquiries and complaints, and monitored the level of customer service by other employees. I ensured that the customers in the store are served properly and satisfactorily. I arranged shifts, ensured good display of the containers, and managed deliveries to and from the store.

I worked 6 hours as a cashier at the store. Cashiers were expected to give customers detailed information regarding the milk products available in the store. My duties included directing clients to the customer representatives or guiding them on the menu products. Cashiers sometimes reserve seats and spaces in a special package for customers upon request. They call the customer to confirm their attendance in time. I scanned the various packed products using scanning machines at the store. My role was weighing and tagging various milk tea products. As a cashier, it was my duty to establish the total sales of the milk tea products sold per hour. A cashier processes credit cards, operates cash register, prepares returns, and issues clients with receipts for the products they bring from the store. Cashiers also balance cash registers at the end of business hour, and make a record of all the sales done on a daily basis.

Apart from the manager’s assistant position, I also worked 12 hours as a receptionist. My duties were aimed at ensuring that the customers feel at home, and valued in the store. My role was dealing with requests from the customers during their stay at the store. Receptionists are expected to be very friendly and professional.

As a receptionist, I was also involved in the preparation of bills and receiving payments from the customers. Receptionists answer questions from customers, and I believe I gave my best to both the customers and the hotel. I ensured the place was clean and tidy all the time. I did my best to keep myself updated with the current store information so that I would give customers accurate answers to their questions.