Management Essay Paper on Rating of the Supervisor

Rating of the supervisor


Basing on his leadership, the supervisor is rated at 8. This is a good performance. This is because he is good at the following:

  • Good at organizing people and activities in the company.
  • Plans well and adequately for actions and activities in the company.
  • Good at decision making.
  • A good time manager.
  • He is self-motivated in the delegation of his duties.
  • He motivates the employees through rewards (Sadler, 2003).

Interpersonal Skills:

Basing on his interpersonal skills, which involve interactions with people, the supervisor is rated at 5. This is an average performance. This is because he is not very good at the following:

  • Though he speaks effectively, the supervisor is not one of the best listeners.
  • Assertiveness- he at times violates the rights of the employees by throwing abusive or harsh words at them.
  • He is not that good in resolving conflicts within the company.
  • He is high-tempered and at times expresses his anger inappropriately (Wright, 2007).

Managerial skills:

Basing on his managerial skill, the supervisor is rated at 9. This is a very good performance for him. This is because the supervisor is very good at the following:

  • He has excellent technical skills and always leads by example. For instance, he shows the employees what to do and where to start from in case they are stranded.
  • He has very good conceptual skills. For instance, he understands concepts very well, develops ideas within the company, and makes sure strategies are implemented.
  • He has excellent human skills as he interacts well with the employees and also motivates them to work harder (Gupta, 2008).


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