Management Essay Paper on Organizational Behavior

Organizational Behavior

This case is about Maryam Qureshi who works at People’s Services Incorporation. It focuses on the deteriorating performance and behavior of Maryam at the workplace. She stared as a very diligent lady who did all the work assigned to her on time, and was ever punctual to report at work in the morning and after lunch break. As time went by, all these changed and she was now having strenuous relationship and was ever late at work.She developed negative changes in her attitude towards work.

The company where Maryam works is very strict when it comes to quality of work and the efficiency of the employees. Maryam had completed her fourth year serving the company and during that time, her performance graph was ever high. After the change in the attitude of Maryam, her performance graph was quite low that it surprised her supervisor Haleema who knew her as a very diligent and efficient employee.

As days went by, Maryam’s character and attitude deteriorated greatly. She would come to office late, call in sick many days, produce substandard work, and quarrel with her fellow employees all the time. She could come up with excuses about her domestic life when confronted with her supervisor Haleema. She would change her behavior for a while when issued with a formal warning letter, but would go back to the negative characters after a while. Her behavior was now a nuisance, which led to Haleema going to her boss Nikhat, making it known to the boss her intention to fire Maryam but using correct procedure from the advice from the Employee Assistance Programme. Both the management and fellow employees could not stomach Maryam anymore.

  1. Haleema will run into legal problems if she terminates Maryam in a wrong way or without following the procedure outlaid by the law. This is because Maryam has rights as stipulated and she is entitled to know why she is being terminated and if she is not satisfied with the reasons, she can challenge the decision to terminate her. 

Haleema should follow the procedure that is stipulated in terminating the employees in order not to have legal problems and be taken to court. She should gather factual evidence that will show that Maryam is working contrary to the agreement she had with the company when she first was hired by the company.

Haleema if possible should have witnesses who can attest that indeed Maryam is behaving in an unethical manner and that her presence will deter the quality of work produced by the organization. With the correct procedure, Haleema can terminate Maryam without running into any legal problem.

  • Haleema should have acted sooner since it would have reduced the effects that were caused by the unethical office behavior of Maryam. Haleema should have given Maryam an official disciplinary notice when she started seeing her behavior deteriorating. The early notice would have enabled Haleema to act on the matter very early before it became a nuisance.

If Haleema had provided the first disciplinary notice early, then it would have given her enough time to consult with the employee assistance programme before the matter could get out of hand. Early notice to Maryam would have led to her changing before she got out of hand or the organization to get a solution if the behavior persisted after the warning.

If Maryam could be terminated earlier when she was not willing to change, then it would have eliminated the heavy workload her fellow employees had in covering up for her and counter checking her work to ensure it is rightly done.

  • Maryam can be motivated by assigning her to a counselor on domestic matters at home. This will be beneficial to her since she will get to be heard by someone who does not know her and will not judge her. This will make Maryam to open up greatly on what is troubling her and with this she can be assisted in dealing with the situation in hand.

The counseling sessions will help Maryam to transform her behavior both at work place and at home in dealing with issues that affect her. Assigning a counselor to Maryam will really motivate her to transform since she will have a feeling of belonging. She will feel that she is appreciated at work and that her efforts are vital for the organization. This will help her in transforming her general behavior and this will be beneficial to both the organization and her.

  • Maryam’s behavior negatively affected her fellow colleagues in the organization to a great level. When Maryam fails to show up at work, it is her colleagues who will cover up for her. Maryam will continue to be paid and her colleagues will not receive any extra payment because of covering up for her in her absence. This will be overburdening the fellow colleagues and will make the colleagues see that they are treated unfairly with the large workloads.

Maryam’s behavior of quarrelling with every colleague had a very negative impact on the colleagues. This made the colleagues to work with tension not knowing when an argument would break up. This would in turn make the colleagues to produce substandard work due to the great friction that they had with Maryam. The friction could also lead the colleagues to seek transfers to other departments or even transfers to other organizations. Maryam’s behavior made the life of her fellow colleagues miserable in the workplace due to the many uncertainties that were caused by her.

  • Nikat should first recommend that Maryam be transferred to another department to ascertain if it is her who is the problem or the department that she is in. Nikat should have a chat with Maryam and get to know which department she would like to be transferred to. This is important because earlier Maryam was one of the best employees of the organization, and therefore she should be given a second chance to prove herself.

If Maryam still brings chaos in the new department that she is transferred to, and her behavior is still bad, then Nikat should now take disciplinary action. Nikat should provide Maryam with a formal warning that will clearly outline that she will lose her job if she does not transform. If Maryam still persists with the bad behaviors, then Nikat will have no choice but to recommend her termination from the company. Nikat should ensure the right procedure for termination is followed and that the organization will not land into any legal problems that can be brought about by wrongful termination of Maryam.