Management Essay Paper on Management of Hooters

Management of Hooters


Undercover boss is a television series whose premise is on a chief executive who disguised as a junior level employee goes to the company they supervise to analyze the working conditions and management conditions there so as to have a proper assessment of the company. The CEO of Hooters restaurant Coby Brooks volunteered to work in several parts of the restaurant chain so as to see the management problems facing Hooters and to come up with a better management method for the restaurant. This essay will look at the challenges of motivating employees as well as problems occurring due to poor management and lack of concern for employees.

Motivational Theory

            The first problem that the chief executive encounters is the demotivation of employees due to unfair distribution of work; he is given a work load that is quite huge while the manager in charge of him does little. The manager also says that he feels Coby is lazy due to his inability to finish the work while Coby feels that the manager is giving him an unfair workload. The manager has clearly failed to consider the motivation theory which shows that at times what is beneficial for the individual is not always beneficial for the group. By not participating with the others in some of the chores, the management fails to show that they are members of the group (Miner 5).

Internal Environment

            The second problem with management was them developing a hostile environment for the workers where they thought that they would find empathy and understanding. One of the managers in the place makes a comment that is inappropriate to one of the girls about her nails and there is no procedure in place for such actions to be corrected either through the human resource department or higher management. The same manager also tells the girl that she should get another tattoo after she fixes her nails and that is an issue that has to be addressed as a moral environment is integral to a business’ success (Milner 46).

Micromanagement and Over delegation of duties

            The final issue that was present was the increasing distance between upper management and junior employees. Many of the employees Coby spoke to said that his father was a good manager and they felt that he cared for their conditions however none of the employees mentioned anything about him or his management style showing that very few actually knew what was going on in the upper levels and that they were not part of the decision making process. Hooters is therefore facing a problem of over delegation of duties, the opposite of micro-management, which is seeing from the first manager who leaves all the unpleasant jobs for him and the upper management and human resources who entrust the welfare of the workers to the branch managers (Leucke and Mcintosh 3).     


            Hooters is one of the most successful restaurant franchises in the United States due to its unique concept. The restaurant has however been facing management problems since the death of the CEO Robert Brooks and his son has not adjusted to the level of supervision required for the franchise. The main problems being faced are employee motivation due to poor management such as disrespectful managers as well as over-delegation of responsibilities by members of staff leaving many problems unresolved and employees demotivated. As the management takes a more active role in the daily operations, more problems can be resolved through better communication and leadership training programs. 


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