Management Essay Paper on Case study: Quality and Project Management

Case study: Quality and Project Management

            Quality is a very important aspect in business as it describes customer satisfaction. For products and services to meet quality standards, they need to have numerous characteristics for example they should be reliable, exceed customer expectation in terms of performance and should at least possess some unique features. For this aspect to be achieved by a company, they need to implement a total quality management that helps in managing all aspects of business in order to surpass customer expectations.

            It is essential for firms to consider costs of quality; that is, the costs that are associated with the provision of quality products and services to customers. Introduction of six sigma; a technique applicablebased on a statistical measure and used inthe elimination of defects has contributed a lot in the attainment of quality. The technique is based on the definition, measurement, analysis, improvement and control of problems hindering quality.

            Xerox is a documentation corporation in America, there was an article sometimes back that expounded on the company’s application of six sigma in its operations. The company performance improved significantly with the introduction of the technique.

            A project refers to a temporary undertaking that is an activity with a predetermined start and end. Project managementis the process of planning, implementing, controlling and evaluation of projects. There are various structure applied in the implementation of projects such as a matrix, pure project and the functional structures.

            For the successful management of projects, implementation of some techniques is necessary in order to utilize both time and costs appropriately. The most commonly used techniques are the work breakdown structure, which helps in dividing a project into small manageable parts and critical path method that helps in determining the shortest possible time for completing the project. A project is people oriented hence a project manager has to come up with a competent project team.

            An example to the aspect of project and project management; recently acolleague’s company undertook a project of constructing a branch outside the city, which had a project period of one year. The project was carried out alongside the normal operations hence it had functional structure.