Management Case Study Paper on Bylosellhi New Cash Registers

Bylosellhi New Cash Registers


            Being a controller of multiple chains of retail centers in the country, Bylosellhi is one of the businesses of the modern day retail industry that requires well-planned communications systems, coordination, and efficiency in services as well as accountability for the assets, human resource, and capital invested. In order to satisfy the stakeholders, the best and most appropriate way to start is through ensuring that the investments placed upon the business are not only utilized fully, but also bring profits for the purposes of growth and development. For this reason, it is important that a system that comprises of contemporary technological advancements to allow for the development of communication, accountability as pertains to the finances.

Cash registers Inc.

            When the problem of making profit becomes a major issue, it is worth noting that the underlying problem lies, not in the productivity of the business, but in the management of the finances that come about from the transactions and services to the customers. As such, incorporating communication and accountability is one of the ways to come up with a solution to the losses brought by the ineffectiveness of cash storage, balance computations as well as end of the day summary.

            Contracting Cash Registers Inc installs the modern cash register systems in Bylosellhi outlets. These systems allow for the utilization of technology and finance by installing software capable of manipulating computer hardware to identify currency, coin identification, balance computation, barcode automated detectors as well as touch screen interface that enables the functions of the teller or the cashier.

             It comes with the advantages of creating easier working interface that enhances efficiency in customer services as well as helping the cashier to get to work in an organized environment. The second advantage is that it allows for the automatic detection of the goods and their prices such that the price tag is identified by the system and the total amount of shopping for the customer is computed. This, in turn, enables the cashier to serve the clients quicker and reducing the time per customer to less than five minutes on average. The fact that the total installation cost, equipment as well as operation are coupled with employee training makes the cost for the system to be worth the investment.

Capital asset pricing model tool

            The approach for this tool is to ensure that the investment is not only profitable to the organization, but also effective in ensuring customer and community satisfaction. The risk of this investment revolves around the ability for the asset to achieve its technical functionalities such that the results tend to be generally profitable. Using the cash registers comes in handy to reduce the cost of having to maintain finances because they interconnect the aspect of effective operations, communication to the central finance control and the automatic accountability systems. On the other hand, tracking and ensuring the goals and aims of the project should be put in place. The effectiveness of the new cash control model as mitigated by the cash registers is based on its ability to affect the technical performance. The overall achievement is observed and tracked through the ability to reduce the financial losses due to miscalculations of the annual systems. In any project that involves risk management, the following is an illustration that any team needs to use to evaluate a project: