Leadership Sample Essay on the Weekly Team Reflection

The Weekly Team Reflection

Based on the topics covered during the week, we discussed, defined, and formed explanation regarding different applications and definitions for some of the pertinent topics. This was instrumental in enhancing not only our knowledge foundation of the pertinent leadership theories and models, but also how they can be linked to our daily lives. Additionally, we pursued mechanisms and methodologies through which these discussions on the topics can be applied to organizations and their effectiveness in bringing about organizational, group, and individual behavior changes that could have a positive influence on the organization.

Discussion Topics

Several topics that were discussed dwelt on both the personality traits and leadership qualities. In the former, the topics that we discussed were Personality Determinants such as the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, The Big Five Personality Model, and generational values. These were the topics that we considered ourselves as best understood and were thus comfortable with them. This comfort ability means that we adequately understand them, can easily apply their constituents, and can answer any questions regarding their general outlines. Their applications mainly lie with inducing self-realization, self-will, and a self-identity in people for the generation of values and attitudes that inspire their general resolve. Additionally, when applied in a work environment, these traits under discussion can be useful in breeding professionalism, productivity, effectiveness, and excellent work outputs.

However, under the discussion, there were also other topics that proved somewhat difficult in their comprehension hence we were not comfortable with them. These topics were The Job Characteristics Model and leadership behavior (including Change-oriented Behavior and Transformational Leadership). Therefore, to understand them, we opted to discuss them further and find viable and useful ways through which we can apply their utility into an organizational setting. This application was essential to enhance comprehension, understanding, and keenness to details that were crucial for understanding the core fundamentals of the topics. The interrelated nature of the topics meant that we could easily apply its use to any organization without compromising their meanings, definitions, or applications.

Application to an Organizational Setting

In the hospital setting, the application of the constituents of the topics is multifaceted since they reflect on the behaviors of many of the workers or health professionals within it. For instance, the transformational leadership model has four models that can be applied to the manager or persons heading any group of people in the hospitals such as a doctor, nurse, accountants, administrators, or clinicians. This theory is aimed at increasing inspirational and motivation of the workers through positive energy being channeled towards them through the models suggested. For instance, under the individualized consideration model, each worker is considered individually, his strengths and weaknesses assessed, his knowledge and skills looked at, and his personal motivations understood. Therefore, under this model, this means that the manager can then apply the necessary tools and methodologies to motivate the worker towards self-motivation, self-will, self-realization, and a better self-identity.

All these personality determinants are covered under the initial topics discussed that we believed we had been comfortable with. Additionally, aside from the inspiration and motivation, workers increasing their knowledge and skills through personal or organizational efforts could serve to enhance their work output as outlined in the job characteristic model. Therefore, it is plausible to say that all the above topics have a strong interrelation towards increasing worker’s work output and professionalism.