Latest Argumentative Essay Topics

Do you want to improve your chances of getting admitted into the college of your choice? Then you need to write a great and compelling admission essay; sometimes the essay required is argumentative in nature.  To do this, you must first come up with a good topic. In this article, we will share some great argumentative admission essay topics you can adopt to write your own. The following argumentative admission essay topics can help jog your mind and instill creativity. Remember that to be a professional essay writer you need to practice. You can Practice using any of these topics.

  1. You live in a big city. Prove that living in a big city is better than living in the country side. Persuade a friend that big city is just the right place for him/her.
  2. A friend of yours, healthy looking is trying to lose more weight and she wants you to help her out? Discuss what you would do
  3. Students should be allowed to choose whether to participate in physical education classes.
  4. Does plastic surgery make you beautiful? Would you have one?
  5. Convince your friend that driving should be permitted from the age of 21 years and not 16 years.
  6. Prove to your friend that cheating in marriages can sometimes be helpful. Cite a few examples
  7. Do you think that female students are favored by male teachers and vice versa?
  8. Should children born in wealthy families attend school or be home schooled?
  9. When should parents allow their children to make independent decisions?
  10. All citizens with or without a criminal record should not be allowed to carry weapons.
  11. Substance abuse is prevalent among celebrities.
  12. Are celebrities overrated in the society?
  13. Should terrorist rights be respected?
  14. Homeschooling is good or bad for children. Discuss and cite examples
  15. Over-the-counter medicines should or should banned?
  16. What do you think about social media and its effects on academic performance?
  17. Explain why you think learning two foreign languages in school should be mandatory for all students?
  18. Life is better now than it was a decade ago.
  19. Your friend has won a lottery for a million dollars. He intends to quit school. Advice
  20. All students should wear uniform attire to school.
  21. Should interracial marriage ban in your State be lifted
  22. Should students be allowed to have cell phones in class?
  23. Should there be a limit on the number of children a married couple can have?
  24. Is exposing children to the internet at an early age appropriate?
  25. Sex education should be introduced in what stage of school
  26. Mass media including radio, Tv and advertising agencies directly influence children. It facilitates decay in morality in the younger generation. Argue for or against.
  27. Technology (computer/phones) has contributed to increased stress levels. Argue and cite examples.
  28. Technology has contributed in making the world a global village. Discuss
  29. Do marriages and relationships developed on Facebook work?
  30. Internet has both positively and negatively influenced commerce. Discuss.