Latest Admission Essay Topics

A list of Admission essay topics

Student write admission essays to school admission boards with the main aim being to convince the board to reserve admit the student for the program applied. The admission board is interested in learning your unique abilities. Therefore, since there is no specific standard of writing an admission essay, choose a topic that suits you well. It should have the capacity to convince the board to call you for an interview. The following are sample topics you can be requested to write or you can choose to write on

  1. Are you in the right course as far as achieving your goals is concerned? If not why, if yes, demonstrate how this institution will help?
  2. What are some of your life experiences that you can attribute to the choice of the course you have chosen to study
  3. What is the significance of money in your life?
  4. If Bill Gates donated to you $ 1,000, 000 for investment, would you still continue with education?
  5. Convince the admission board that you are the most suitable candidate.
  6. Compared to other institutions of higher learning, why do you think this most suitable institution to help you achieve your academic aspirations?
  7. What are your future ambitions and aspirations?
  8. What philosophy governs your life?
  9. Our hometown is in need of community workers. If you were presented with an opportunity to join the community workforce, would you?
  10. Would you like to become a philanthropist? Why?
  11. In your opinion, do you think that writing an admission essay is the best way of selecting the most suitable candidate for college or university admission?
  12. Present your vision and mission statement for life?
  13. Can you describe your pathway to your current choice of career?
  14. How sure are you that you will not change your career 10 years from now?
  15. Demonstrate how you will contribute to the development of your faculty in case you are awarded a place in this institution
  16. What is the meaning of success to you?
  17. Do you agree that ‘learning is the process of getting rid of foolishness’.
  18. Do you think the government has a role to play in making sure that more students are admitted in the best academic institutions?
  19. What are some of your childhood dreams, and have they shaped your academic pursuit in any way? Who is your role model?
  20. Who is your role model?