Journal – Lewis Hyde, John Oswald & Richard Stallman

Journal – Lewis Hyde, John Oswald & Richard Stallman

Language, just like art is one of cultural commons. However, it is not possible for language to exist without silence just in the same manner that art cannot exist without artists. Writing of Lewis Hyde, John Oswald and Richard Stallman confront readers with several ideas and expressions regarding cultural commons. These artists use language as a tool to represent their culture as well as reach out to readers. Every writer has their own unique manner of expressing ideas, logic and emotions. The independence through which culture evolves gives people their individual uniqueness.1 Artists use words for purposes of conveying meaning of things as they mix them in order to create different shapes as well as give their story a unique story line from their cultural understanding.

Cultural commons defines things owned by all people which means that no one person can claim they own them. People have the freedom to use nature that is around them to create things through putting together ideas. Whenever artists create work they use cultural commons that surround them. This is simply because they exists and want people to discover as well as use them for free. Jonathan Lethem uses works created by others in order to make sense by making them articulate and readable. Through this, his works yield interesting commentary on reading culture of art lovers. He remolded the concept of the artist to suit his own voice and executed them in an imaginatively and rational manner. Reproduction of the work of art belong to other people makes work lose its quality since the work shows age difference making it unable to fill the vacuum created by passage of time.

Creating unique quality work makes it all time art that surpasses passing of time. Whenever authority is removed from any piece of work, it makes the artist lose faith of the people who loved the work. As a lover of film, art and music, I have a passion to combine all cultures, be very creative and free in the way I write in order to ensure my work is protected and provide sustenance in my absence. I am going to focus on originality, which will ensure any other artists cannot reproduce my work. I will make sure my work is unique and extremely hard for it to be mechanically reproduced.3 The words and materials used in creation of my writing will; be synthesized and original to ensure reproduction is not possible.

Placing value on the kind of writing I do is yet another way to make sure it is protected. I am also going to pick specific places where the work will be exposed in order to ensure it can be accessed by people who might need it. Sharing culture does not mean complete reproduction of other people’s work.I am going to make sure my work appears on sites that are protected so it can attract readers who are genuine only.

Using my image to personalize the work will also help avoid reproduction of the work. It will help ensure the work is sustainable and lasts longer. Even though there are similar or familiar themes as those from other writers, the work I create will never fade. All places I put the work will be personalized and this includes photographs.

Publicizing the work after release is also going to be a priority. I am going to make sure members of the community as well as lovers of my work know more about my work as well as how and where they can find it. This in turn will make it easy for them to refer others to the work that is absolutely genuine. Publicity is a good thing; I am going to prevent the publisher from criticizing my work by uploading a lower resolution version of the work such that anyone who needs the real publication will come to me for a high version.

The theme choice if also of great importance to me in creation of the art and writings. There are themes which are common as such, easily reproduced by other artists. There are also natural features in the environment such as animals whose photographs cannot be used and claimed ownership. This is because it is not cultural common and everyone can access and use the work. This differentiates it from other works created and attracts more readers taking into consideration the unique photographs and themes used.

The idea of culture can be intellectual property that is used to justify all the things artists do against the work of other artists. I am going to make sure my work is copyright protected as it will free it from piracy and plagiarism.4 though with technology, copyright finds it difficult to handle set of rules as well as avoid infringement which is the current way of protecting work of art from plagiarism by other artists seeking to use original work and turn them into modern works that are attractive and easier to sell. Everyone has the freedom to share the environment and culture commons free but for creative writers, it is important to create works that are original and capable of lasting. It is also important to make sure that such work is well protected from cases of reproduction.


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