James Madison’s Speech Sample Paper

James Madison’s speech

Good morning ladies and gentlemen. Since being bestowed the honor of being the president of the United States of America, I have endeavored to bring harmony and peace to this great nation. Even in the wake of the threats from Britain, I belive that we will be triumphant. The first bank of the United States is vital if we are to wage a war with Britain, as it is a key source of our finance. With this in mind, I requested the congress to draft and pass a bill, which would form a second national bank. Now that it has been established, I declare war on Britain.

Fellow compatriots, today marks the day that our country fights for our beliefs. As you are all aware, France and Britain have been at war with each other. Since they are our trading partners, we decided not to get involved in the conflict. However, both countries have tried to prevent supplies reaching the other by setting up a blockade to stop trade between the them and us. Britain has gone further and passed the orders in council, which require that any country neutral to the war obtain a license from their authorities in order to trade with France or her colonies.

I consider the British action of impressments as a direct violation of international law and therefore an act of conflict. This is clearly aimed at undermining our sovereignty and is determined to destroy our great nation by encouraging the Native Americans to side with them by taking up arms. Their actions need to be met with a mighty response. If we do not act now, our great nation will be under threat.

I have therefore authorized the American troops to attack Canada. This will surely send a message to Britain that we will not be bow to their interests and that our nation cannot be threatened by any country. Before declaring war on Britain, I consulted the members of congress and other advisors. From the deliberations we had, we all agreed that there was no other choice than to proclaim war on Britain as we are at risk of being invaded by them.

I have asked the congress to ascend to a bill requiring inscription of all adult males in order to enlarge our army to be able to conquer the British. The army should be well trained to face our aggressor. Civilians willing to fight for the glory of the United States should be well prepared. The bill will include more weapons being allocated to the troops and the navy will be expanded.

My fellow Americans, this is a trying time for our great nation and the road ahead will demand so much patience and strength. If we ignore this threat, we will likely find ourselves without the country that we have fought for and come to love. The character of a nation is shown in its time of testing.

Many have always doubted tried to undermine our independence since the American Revolution but we will still strive to proved them wrong. Our faith in our freedom cannot be deterred now in our time of need. This war will cement our independence and prevent any nation from violating our maritime rights and our sovereignty. We will surely be victorious. Let us therefore go forth with the belief that the through trying times our resolve to be free will guide us through it. Thank you.